Developing solutions for the $2 trillion IoT economy

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Gartner predicted that by the end of last year, there would be 8.4 billion connected “things” making up the Internet of Things. That number represents a 31 percent increase from 2016 and a total spend on IoT services of $2 trillion. By 2020, there will be 20.4 billion connected devices using IoT technology.

There’s a big piece of the $2 trillion dollar industry to be had by startups and service providers. Several of our clients are already ahead of the game with their Internet of Things projects and offerings.

Here are three case studies from our startup clients that demonstrate the unlimited potential of IoT.

Case Study: BeOn Home

BeON Homeis the only smart home system focused on preventative security protection. The concept is that by creating a system of lighting patterns that mimic your day-to-day routine, potential burglars will be less apt to break into your home when you’re away or on vacation.


BeON’s smart bulbs record your lighting activity for a period of time, saves the algorithm, and then replays the series when you’re not home. Another safety feature is a remote control light switch on a key fob that allows you to turn on your lights when arriving home in the evening.

The company came to iTechArt in need of the perfect development team to create a feature-intensive iOS app to sync with the system hardware. Our engineers created the application utilizing a stack that included Mantle, Core Bluetooth, AFNetworking, CSRmesh, SDK, and Fabric.

Case Study: Ecovent

Ecovent is the ultimate in IoT-based home automation. It’s a complete home climate control system that utilizes four components: smart vents, smart sensors, a smart hub, and a mobile app to deliver the perfect temperature in each room of your house. The company introduced the concept of the “wifi air conditioner,” as the system gives you the ability to control your AC from your mobile or tablet device.


Ecovent was looking for senior backend engineers skilled in Python/Twisted, DynamoDB, Redis, and RabbitMQ as well as Salesforce when they approached us.

We provided Ecovent with a top-notch “dream team” and a customized smart home device e-commerce solution with tight Salesforce integration.

Case Study: Bevi

Bevi’s stated mission is “to reinvent the existing wasteful beverage supply chain.” The company provides eco-friendly smart water coolers.


The Bevi drinking system filters the water and allows the user to select either sparkling or still. Then they can add a wide variety of flavors to create a customized healthy & refreshing beverage. The machine is internet-connected so it can keep up with drinking trends and re-order supplies automatically.

iTechArt helped the Bevi team develop an Android app with several business-critical features on a very aggressive timeline.


Whether it’s in a smart home, a smart office, or getting to that smart home or office on a smart train or in a smart car, the Internet of Things is all around us. And it’s going to continue growing at a massively rapid pace. This is great news for startups and entrepreneurs who are ready to claim a chunk of this $2 trillion dollar industry.

iTechArt has been active in the IoT trend since its conception, and we continue helping our clients build creative solutions for the future. 

Significant changes with implementation of IoT take place in healthcare, real estate, security, education, agriculture, logistics, and etc. Get your IoT projects started with us.

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