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Dreamforce 2017: 4 Things to Expect


Dreamforce is to Salesforce users what Coachella is to millennials. It’s THE most important event of the year to see and be seen, to learn and network, to celebrate and to have fun. Dreamforce is really more of a cultural phenomenon than an actual trade show.

The first Dreamforce event took place in 2003 with about 1,000 attendees. Last year, over 171,000 people from 83 countries were in attendance. Full passes for this year’s conference are already sold out, although many people from around the world will still be attending “virtually.”

What is it about Dreamforce that makes this annual conference so popular with both Salesforce users and developers? And what can you expect from this year’s event?
There are four main reasons that hundreds of thousands of people flock to San Francisco each year to worship at the altar of Marc Benioff: the chance to LEARN, the chance to NETWORK, the chance toGIVE BACK, and, of course, the chance to PARTY.

1. Dreamforce 2017: Expect to LEARN

The main reason Salesforce users and developers attend Dreamforce every year is to learn new skills and best practices for how to do their jobs better and more efficiently. According to Salesforce, Dreamforce attendees experience the following increases:

  • 53% faster deployment of IT programs
  • 38% average increase in sales productivity
  • 37% average increase in lead volume
  • 34% average increase in marketing ROI
  • 33% average increase in customer satisfaction

This year, Dreamforce will offer more than 2,700 training sessions, the world’s largest Customer Success Expo, and something called Circles of Success, where you can have a Q&A with Salesforce product experts. Keynote speakers for 2017 include Michelle Obama, Ashton Kutcher, Girl Scouts’ CEO Sylvia Acevedo, and, of course, Salesforce CEO & Founder Marc Beni off.

2. Dreamforce 2017: Expect to NETWORK

In addition to all the new knowledge and best practices you’ll be walking away with, you can also expect to gain a lot of new business contacts and prospects at Dreamforce.

This is your chance to meet and chat with your Salesforce peers. Whether you’re striking up a conversation with someone while waiting for a session to start or running into a former colleague in the Customer Success Expo hall, be prepared to exchange a lot of business cards.

You can even develop a plan to meet industry influencers that are hosting or giving session talks. With Salesforce’s Einstein and the Dreamforce mobile app, you can create your ultimate Salesforce agenda ahead of time, ensuring that you won’t miss any important connection.

3. Dreamforce 2017: Expect to be inspired to GIVE BACK

Years ago, Mark Benioff created the 1-1-1 philanthropy model. Salesforce donates 1% of its product, 1% of its employees’ time, and 1% of its profits to charitable organizations. This year at Dreamforce, you can learn all about the Pledge1Percent drive and how your company can become more involved in giving back to your community.

Also, Dreamfest, which will be held on Tuesday, November 7 th at AT&T Park, will benefit the UCSF Children’s Hospital. The headlining act has yet to be announced, but given the fact that past performers include U2, Bruno Mars, Metallica and Stevie Wonder, you can expect a big name.

4. Dreamforce 2017: Expect to PARTY!

The Dreamforce party circuit is legendary. People who’ve attended Dreamforce regularly for years already know which parties are the best and they make plans early to get their tickets or invites.

If you’re already registered for Dreamforce this year, then you’ve probably received a ton of invitations to the various parties happening throughout the event. Plan to indulge in some amazing food and participate in more than a few happy hours. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful, vibrant and exciting cities in the world. And it knows how to party.

So, there you have it. The four main reasons Dreamforce is such a juggernaut and what you can expect if this year is your first time attending.

One last thing you can expect from Dreamforce? Expect to be very tired when it’s all over. It’s a lot to pack in to just a few days, but it’s totally worth it.

We’ll be attending Dreamforce and would love to network with you if you’re going to be there. Click here if you’d like to schedule a meeting with our team.

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