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Going to the top: 2016 was a big success

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In 2016, Hi-Tech Park Belarus exports of software and IT services increased by 16% and reached $820.6M. HTP resident-companies delivered their services to clients from 67 countries.

iTechArt has been ranked 4th by Sales among custom software engineering vendors and 5th among all 165 HTP resident companies, according to the latest report.

Moreover, iTechArt has been ranked 6th by Number of Employees. Today we have 800+ engineering experts on board, delivering top-notch solutions to over 100 fast-moving companies worldwide.

We are very proud of our team and eternally grateful to our clients that inspire us to move forward. And now It's high time for new challenging opportunities and achievements!

If you have some amazing ideas for healthcare, real estate,  Fintech apps, we at iTechArt have the inspiration, expertise and top-rated dedicated development teams to assist you in carrying out your lofty mission.

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