Google Cloud Platform accelerates startup business growth (for free!)

How cloud solutions for small business help startups grow

What a difference a couple of years make. As recently as 2018, the majority of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still preferred on-premise technology ecosystems. Now, the adoption of cloud based services has ramped up dramatically.

Consider stats like a 222% three-year ROI for SMBs implementing Google Cloud Platform. It’s no wonder that Gartner predicts worldwide public cloud service revenue will grow from $196.7 billion (2018 total) to 354.6 billion in 2022.

So, how exactly can cloud solutions accelerate business growth of early stage companies? Let’s find out.

Why choose Google Cloud Platform

Business advantages

A recent IDC study conducted in-depth interviews with small and medium-sized businesses that have implemented Google Cloud Platform. The study analyzed the platform’s impact on business outcomes, IT operations, and costs.

Essentially all of the study participants reported achieving strong value with Google Cloud Platform in terms of performance, reliability, and scalability. Notably, IDC calculated that the Google customers in the study will achieve average benefits worth $1.09 million per interviewed SMB ($103,200 per $1 million in annual revenue).

The report revealed these important business value highlights:

  • 36% lower three-year cost of operations
  • 16% higher revenue per organization per year
  • 8 months to payback on investment
  • 41% more efficient IT teams
  • 19% higher developer productivity
  • 26% lower IT infrastructure costs


Here are some of the core features of the Google Cloud Platform:

Core features of the Google Cloud Platform

Compute flexibility

Includes Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Run, and Kubernetes Engine. These tools provide for the ability to create virtual environments for application development and testing in a container or serverless environment.

Secure storage and databases

Features such as Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Firestore, Bigtable, Spanner, and Memorystore offer relational and NoSQL database services along with secure, fast, and scalable storage.

Versatile networking

Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud VPN, Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud CDN, and Network Intelligence Center are private, secure environments. They are load balanced and capable of caching content where end users access applications via Google’s global network. Plus, the Google Platform monitors, verifies, and optimizes the network across on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Robust data analytics

This includes analytic products, such as BigQuery, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, Data Fusion, and Dataproc. These affordable, fully managed products help customers make data driven decisions without constraints on scale or performance

Comprehensive security and identity

Google Cloud Platform services include Cloud IAM (identity & access management), Cloud DLP (data protection), Cloud Armor (network security), and Security Command Center (vulnerability management and security monitoring).

What is Google Cloud for startups?

The Google Cloud Platform for Startups offers early stage companies access to $100,000 worth of services for free, including support. After the free trial ends, the Google Cloud price for startups still remains lower than the general tier.

Entrepreneurs can choose from the entire platform’s list of 90 instruments, and it’s pay as you go. This means companies can manage their free trial and subsequent pay period with full control.

Some of the main benefits of Google Cloud for startups include:

  • Price - Google gives startups a $100,000 free trial which includes full support.
  • Scaling - With 90+ fully integrated tools, the platform’s instruments cover every possibility, such as testing, development, security, documentation, DevOps, application modernization, networking, database management, AI/ML, data development, and more.
  • G Suite integration - G Suite and Google Cloud resources enable more organized product management. This includes a plethora of tools for data storage, organization, networking, and communication.
  • Rich AI & ML tools - Google Cloud allows for video and image processing, speech recognition, chatbots, dialog flow, and more.
  • Google Maps connection - Native support of Google Maps is fully included. This enables dynamic street views, addresses, images, routes, places of interest, and map objects for a richer user experience.

6 Ways Google Cloud accelerates startup growth

Google Cloud accelerates startup growth

Scaling with reliability and confidence

Google Cloud provides a secure, reliable platform for all infrastructure and compute requirements. Coding and scaling are easier with the App Engine due to zero server management and zero configuration deployments. Deployment can be tailored on Compute Engine, and Google Kubernetes Engine can scale containerized applications.

Improved IT agility and productivity

SMBs need to react quickly to customer demand and behavior, and the additional Google Platform capacity requires near-zero lead time. Additional functionalities (such as autoscaling) streamline IT resource use and delivery. The result is shorter development cycle times.

Improving business results and performance

With Google Cloud, businesses can capture more revenue by adapting to business opportunities and delivering new applications and services faster. This improves customer acquisition and retention metrics. To break into competitive markets, SMBs must be able to deliver products and services faster than established brands.

Lowering cost of operations

The Google Platform costs less due to serverless features that are more affordable. Other functionalities, such as automated patching, the use of preconfigured virtual machines, and strong levels of support also enable higher operations efficiency.

Leveraging Google Cloud Data analytics

Analytics teams benefit from the use of Google BigQuery which is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse for scalable analysis over petabytes of data. Even big data processes, such as the creation of hundreds of supervised/unsupervised models using ML for natural language processing can be fully optimized with the platform’s analytics.

Innovating with AI & ML products

The Google Platform includes Translation API, Vision API, and Speech-to-Text API which enable visual, language, conversation, and structured data to be seamlessly incorporated into applications. AutoML custom model development capability excludes the need for ML expertise.

The best cloud server for small business?

Before the question was whether or not to move to the cloud. Now, it’s which one. It’s not hard to argue that Google Cloud Platform ranks up there as a top contender.

Google Cloud Platform provides concrete business value by improving agility, scalability, and performance of startup IT infrastructures. As a result, SMBs can address emerging business opportunities as they appear to meet customer expectations and capitalize on new markets.

Google Cloud Platform enhances development capabilities, improves operational efficiencies, boosts time savings, and lowers IT infrastructure costs. It all leads to improved startup business outcomes.

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