We live in an age of remote work — by choice or by chance. The ongoing COVID-19 events gave a new impetus to the already popular concept and forced the most skeptical founders to finally believe in virtual collaboration. As a remote-inspired company, we are launching this white paper (WP) to study the emerging canon of remote work and see how startups of the year 2020 are flouting all the laws of crisis, changing the technology business on the go.

What's the white paper about?

Arguments for remote working
1. Arguments for remote
We’ve conducted a survey to find out the real reasons to work remotely, why it brings so much inspiration, and how employers and their teams feel about work-from-home productivity.
Defining winners and losers
2. Defining winners
and losers
In this part, you’ll learn what domains will thrive in the current remote-friendly environment and what ones need to catch up. Technologies predicted to disrupt the remote work come as a little bonus.
Remote-ready checklist
3. Remote-ready
We've gathered a variety of effective tools and techniques to help you switch to remote work even amidst an emergency. In case you feel loneliness and isolation — the treatment is also here.
A few insider details
  • In the U.S., the demand for remote engineering roles has grown by 68 percent since Dec ’19 – Jan ’20.
  • Increased productivity, work-life integration, and flexible scheduling are steady winners among the reasons to work remotely today. And believe us, you need to know the others.
  • Is it true that employees feel more valued when given an opportunity to work from home? The answer, it turns out, is a solid yes. The full WP version will bring out more uncovered secrets.
  • Of the remote team members, 64 percent say they do much more than planned in comparison to working in the office. But do employers agree?
  • Against all odds, telemedicine, grocery deliveries, fitness at home and some other industries are trying to make the current situation work for them. Our team estimated the chances of success.
  • Logistics, AdTech, manufacturing, travel, retail, and real estate startups need to undergo substantial retraining if they want to be in sync with the rest of the world.
  • 41 percent of companies don’t have a proper remote-ready plan. We’ve designed a special checklist, including essential infrastructure, security, and organizational practices, to make the switch more smooth.
The people and the plan behind this initiative

iTechArt was born with an idea of remote teamwork, being also naturally flexible about risks and here-and-now opportunities. For that reason, our aim now is to overcome the existing tunnel-vision problem, giving a 360° view of the changing tech community.

The present white paper is based upon open-source data collection and comparison, combined with our own professional market analysis. This work is also made possible thanks to 200 reps of remote organizations that participated in our survey.

Our team hopes everyone reading this will find something useful and help us spread the knowledge by sharing the WP with peers.

We’re working on more research in this space. Stay tuned!

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