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Why hire a dedicated development team?

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Today digital marketing agencies and technology consulting companies heavily rely on outsourcing to deal with unpredictable workstreams. To be successful they can't be limited by the skills and availability of in-house specialists. iTechArt takes pride in being an innovative agencies and tech boutiques' partner. While some trust in significant advantages delivered by offshore specialists, others remain increasingly suspicious of the practice. However, if you take outsourcing partner choice seriously (tech expertise, reliability, references), there is a high chance to reap all the benefits of the partnership. Outsourcing gives agencies the ability to bring in an expert on a project basis without committing long term. Dynamic engagement model offered by iTechArt ensures flexible ramp down and easy scale up of the team. We have the skills already in place, so you do not have to spend time on training. Regular tech conferences, knowledge sharing sessions give iTechArt engineers outstanding opportunities to enhance their expertise.

Impossibility of effective communication has always been one of the major concerns when using outsourcing services. However, latest collaboration approaches and tools ensure flawless interaction between the customer and iTechArt team. Our partners can outsource all their development processes to us or opt for a hybrid model. iTechArt engineers effectively work with partners’ onsite team, cohesively overcoming tech challenges. In a fast-moving technological world, embracing the whole spectrum of modern technologies is too complicated and expensive. So, it makes sense to rely on a tech-focused vendor with a broad talent pool and a rich history of agency collaboration. Such companies as SourceSeek, RCM Technologies, Merkle 5th Finger, Something Digital, and many others have already chosen our dedicated teams as an essential component of their business strategy.

Dedicated teams for startups

Dedicated development teams: The catalyst for unicorn startups

SourceSeek is the source for top software development teams. It connects startups and midsize companies with reliable, highly-qualified outsourced development specialists.

SourceSeek provides customer & vendor matchmaking and consulting services; analyzes the customer’s needs and then makes an introduction along with vendor support and customer training.

RCM Technologies (NASDAQ: RCMT) is a leading provider of IT Business Solutions and Professional Engineering Services to over 1,000 clients in the commercial, automotive, government and healthcare sectors.

RCM subcontracts its new software development projects to iTechArt building a hybrid team of onsite PMs and Lead Engineers & an offshore software development extension.

Merkle 5th Finger is a global technology-enabled performance marketing agency that delivers digital marketing solutions for enterprise companies.

Merkle 5th Finger staffs their projects with hybrid teams using onsite PMs and Designers along with offshore software engineers and QAs from iTechArt. 20+ iTechArt specialists have been expertly assisting the company for over 5 years.

Something Digital is a dynamic technology services boutique specializing in ecommerce, website design, custom software development, digital marketing, and user experience.

Something Digital prefers a hybrid option: an onsite Tech Lead and iTechArt software engineers are working on a variety of cutting-edge projects.

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