No security strategy left behind:
How to stay secure as you scale
your business

Today, the priorities of most organizations, and especially startups and fast-growing tech companies, are centered upon scalability, with security usually left behind. But, do you know how dangerous it is to treat cybersecurity as a supporting actor? In this white paper, we explore the latest cybersecurity trends, enlist essential protective measures; and, we prove why founders shouldn't ignore scaling security while scaling success.

Inside the white paper

Facts, stats, and trends
Facts, stats, and trends
This part aims to show the present state of the cybersecurity domain in stats and figures, as well as sum up topics that proved popular within the community.
Industry cybersecurity profiles
Industry cybersecurity profiles
Some industries are more vulnerable than others are. Our team has presented and outlined a number of red flags one should never ignore to defend a certain sector.
How to create a scalable security strategy
How to create a strategy
We'll run through vital scalability practices that would prevent cybercriminals from compromising your data and assets. Assuming this isn't a silver bullet, it's definitely worth a shot.
The key points you need to know right now
  • A staggering 60% of businesses feel their security is left behind.
  • 43% of small- and medium-sized businesses are targets of cyberattacks.
  • The top 5 headliners of the 2020 cybersecurity lineup are the pandemic-themed cybercrimes, cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, security skills gap, and phishing.
  • 95% of breached records came from only three industries: healthcare, retail, and technology.
  • Sure signs of security scaling emergency include lack of company-wide support for security, exercising BYOD, absence of well-documented incident response policy, leveraging customer PII, and more.
  • A truly scalable security strategy takes care of compliance, automated threat response, streamlining access to tools and data, watching third parties, and having the proper employee security training.
A 2020 vision for cybersecurity

While you were reading the summary of the white paper, roughly six new hacker attacks have occurred.

Cybercriminals are getting smarter all the time. What's secure today may not be secure tomorrow, and if your systems scale only with your ambition and not with the current cybersecurity landscape, then consider yourself hacked.

In the year of the remote work boom and COVID-19-related attacks and scams, visibility and awareness are crucial guarantees for cybersecurity. We've distilled our continuous expertise into several straightforward practices to help you mitigate all possible vulnerabilities awaiting you every day.

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