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The Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions Report encompasses three recurring trends: IoT, Security, and Machine Learning. As we look back over the last year and the growth of these trends, we are highlighting some of our projects that demonstrate the tangible results of Deloitte’s predictions.  

Trend: Expanding the Internet of Things

According to the Deloitte report, faster mobile networks (think 5G), and dedicated IoT networks are again universally relevant. Internet of Things manufacturing has expanded from mobile devices and wearables to self-driving cars and delivery drones.

One of our clients, BuildingLink, is the market leader in property management software. We developed from scratch an application connector that bridges devices like barcode & fingerprint scanners, signature pads, ID card scanners, etc. with a desktop app that enables the stable work of the connected devices across all browsers. The uniqueness of the solution is that it ensures the stability of all necessary devices while connecting them to the overall ecosystem, including website, desktop, and mobile applications. For example, when a concierge receives a package, they simply scan the barcode, take a photo of the package, and all information is transferred to the website through the connector. The connector also eliminates exclusive access restriction so that connected devices can be used simultaneously across several apps.


Why go with iTechArt's IoT development?

Another one of our clients, Ecovent, brought the concept of advanced IoT home...literally. The company provides home climate control through a system of wireless vents. It’s one of the only home climate control systems on the market that features “smart sensors” to collect data and utilize the information to make your system more efficient and comfortable. You can adjust the temperature in any room in your house from your smartphone or tablet. It’s kind of like having your own wifi air conditioner.

Ecoventcame to us when they needed senior backend engineers skilled in Python/Twisted, DynamoDB, Redis, and RabbitMQ to add to their team. We helped develop a tailor-madeecommercesolution with tight Salesforce integration.

Trend: Security

As IoT continues to be a skyrocketing trend, securing the Internet of Things becomes equally as important. Deloitte made the prediction that biometrics would play a key role when it comes to security and that by 2020, fingerprint logins on smartphones will be just as common and popular as front-facing cameras. Fingerprinting, facial recognition, and both palm and retina scanning will be the new norm for secure financial transactions, building access, and travel.

We also helped BuildingLink developKeyLink, a security feature that utilizes biometric authentication to protect residents while holding staff accountable. The solution maintains a photo and signature of all building key holders and monitors usage while sending automated notifications to management and residents when keys are picked up and returned. Biometric authentication provides the staff seamless access to the right key while ensuring that it is transferred to the right person.

Our clientBeON Home- an IoT smart home security provider, made a bet on preventive security. While most security companies are designed simply to alert the resident and police department upon an attempted break-in, BeON created a solution that helps prevent the break-in from even occurring in the first place.

The BeON “smart bulbs” analyze your lighting preference for a period of time, saves this data, and then replays it while you are away on vacation so that it looks like you are home and going about your regular routine. If a burglar rings your doorbell late at night when the lights are off to see in anyone is home, the lights in your home start to turn on in succession from your bedroom to your front door, which will more than likely scare the person away. Even when you’re not on vacation, you can use BeON. When you’re arriving home late at night, simply turn the house and garage lights on with a simple click of your remote control light key fob.


When BeON needed a rockstar development team to create their iOS application, our experienced Mantle, Core Bluetooth, AFNetworking, CRSmesh SDK, and Fabric engineers stepped up to the plate and delivered. We developed Android & iOS applications that control the smart bulbs (i.e. activation, timetable, analytics, etc.) The application is simple to use and the homeowner doesn’t have to spend time fine-tuning the system. They simply install the smart bulbs, download the application, and set up an account. 

Trend: Machine Learning

Deloitte predicted that by the end of 2017, more than 300 million smartphones would have on-board neural network statistical machine learning and predictive analytics capability. Machine learning examples include everything from simple email SPAM filters to how Uber utilizes algorithms based on user data to determine pricing and pick-up times.

We are also currently working with a client that is creating an assistant/advisor tool for cardiologists using AI, Machine Learning & Neural Networks. Currently, the solution can recognize ECG pathologies (for now just 5 of them) with more than 80% accuracy. The solution can also analyze the Holter 24 hour monitor data and detect atrial fibrillation with 98-99% accuracy.

What will Deloitte predict as the Technology, Media and Telecommunications trends of 2018? We’re guessing such topics as Internet of Things cryptocurrency, advancements in SAP machine learning and Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS), as well as continued progress in AI will all make the list.

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