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How we helped ClassPass become a huge success

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Today’s consumer is paying a lot more attention to how they interact with their favorite brands. Both the online and offline experience need to be pretty close to perfect in order to gain and maintain customer loyalty. Here is how our client ClassPass mastered the art of delivering the highest quality customer experience every time.

In the beginning, ClassPass was a website that posted class schedules from various gyms and studios. Users could book classes online for a certain fee. This evolved into a subscription model offering 10 classes per month for $49 or unlimited for $99.

One of the reasons that ClassPass competitors are still trying to catch up with the brand is because ClassPass has continually upgraded and adjusted their product to the ever-changing demands of its target audience.

Building the Development Team

When we began our work with ClassPass, they already had existing customers, but their technical solution was hampering growth. ClassPass needed to extend its existing team just to be able to scale and prepare for the next stage. We started with a small team and the understanding that we could scale it up to 30+ engineers if needed.

The new iTechArt team helped ClassPass develop a web portal for studios, which freed their staff from some of the tedious and time-consuming management tasks, while at the same time making the solution easier to scale. The website portal includes analytics, timetables, detailed referral information, and a feedback feature.


Enhancing Mobile Capability

With mobile apps becoming more popular than websites, brands must now focus on giving their customers what they want. At the time, ClassPass had an iOS app with limited functionality. iTechArt provided the company with highly-skilled iOS and Android teams. The Android app was developed from scratch and its addition helped ClassPass attract a wider audience. Both the Android and iOS apps contained functionality similar to the website.

ClassPass Android App

The app is able to notify users of new classes in their area, remind them of upcoming scheduled sessions, and connect them with their fitness peers. Built-in social media marketing tools allow users to share their workout and class experiences with other members as well.

Targeted Email Capabilities

Personalized communication is key to a great customer experience, and email has always played an important role in the social aspect of ClassPass. The iTechArt team helped integrate a 3rd party system for sending personalized emails to thousands of users. This allowed the client to effectively engage with its customers and increase interest in the ClassPass product.

The iTechArt team continued to assist ClassPass with several other development solutions that helped them grow network up to 8,5k partners offering classes in 49 cities worldwide. Summing up all that was said above we are more than proud of working for ClassPass success from their early stages till Forbes recognized them among next billion-dollar startups.

One more thing we can’t but mention: there is always an iTechArt dedicated “dream team” ready to assist in bringing you closer to your goals. Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your own road to product success.

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