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IoT: Wave of transformation


The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way the World operates. IoT enables companies to penetrate new markets and set up innovative businesses, generating new revenue streams. In the near future the number of connected objects is expected to reach 50 billion and that's just the beginning.

IoT is a network of objects that share and communicate information via Internet or Bluetooth connection. IoT makes cities smarter, connects patients with health services, and helps companies to stay in closer touch with customers. Being able to connect more devices to the Internet allows businesses strengthen the efficiency of their operations. Through integration of the data companies can gain actionable insights on consumers and their preferences to provide customized service to their users. Business owners also use the findings to analyze the efficiency of internal procedures hitting productivity targets. Significant changes with implementation of IoT take place in security, water management, education, agriculture, healthcare, logistics, and other domains.

Meanwhile, security remains the biggest risk and concern of IoT. Theft of intellectual property, alterations to data and denial of process control are among potential threats. As companies explore opportunities of IoT space, they need an expert to help them execute their IoT vision, overcoming business and technical IoT complexities. iTechArt specialists have a deep understanding of numerous technologies, best practices and industry-specific knowledge. The engineers will help you deliver a safer IoT experience and enhance end users satisfaction. Our experts guarantee your IoT product brings new experiences to your customers as well as ease of management to your business. iTechArt provides IoT assistance to such companies as Bevi, BeON, BuildingLink, Ecovent, and many others.


IoT app development services at iTechArt

Bevi is a smart water cooler that helps you create your own flavored and sparkling drinks. Our IoT specialists have been working on the application for in-built Android Tablet, which controls all the operations of the water dispenser.

The BeON system takes the familiar light bulb form factor and creates a solution that makes security available for everyone every day. The philosophy of the project is simple navigation: setting up the system should be as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Our engineers created intuitive iOS & Android solutions that enable 3 light bulbs (minimum quantity) to work as a system, communicating between each other and smartphone.

BuildingLink is currently used in over 3,000 properties in the U.S. and worldwide, offering efficient management, flawless communication, and enhanced living experience for residents. We are involved in a wide range of projects, building integrations between a variety of devices. Web and Mobile applications, developed by iTechArt specialists, allow users access all the core features of BuildingLink via an easy-to-learn interface, wherever they are.

Ecovent is a system of wireless vents and sensors that makes any forced air heating and cooling system smarter through mobile application use. iTechArt specialists are engaged in doing complex back end and DB enhancements.

iTechArt ensures our clients successfully obtain IoT opportunities and is always open to new partnerships.

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