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IT-holidays at iTechArt

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At the end of March Belarusian high-school students not only had a chance to take a break from school, but also to participate in educational workshops as a part of «IT-holidays».

Around one thousand creative and curios kids visited leading Belarusian IT-companies, and iTechArt was glad to be one of them.

IT holidays at iTechArt - 1

The visitors explored all 5 floors of our office and, luckily, none got lost :) We talked about IT trends, cool positions with the company, and what it takes to be a successful IT professional.

Young guests were amazed by iTech’s friendly atmosphere, had fun during projects presentations, asking our engineers lots of tricky questions. Oh boy, that was a challenge!


We bet in several years their photos will be on our front page and we will lead the technical world with new paradigm-shifting technologies

Looking forward to the fall round of «IT-holidays»!

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