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iTechArt at CTO Connect: Bridging engineering gaps

#CTO Connect San Francisco

The world of product development and engineering is hectic. IT departments are typically understaffed with never ending overtime and frequent missed deadlines. 

When developing a new product from scratch, you need a helping hand from the outside that can share hidden insights on how to create more efficient processes, a strong engineering team, or the right management strategy. 

There is one place where tech leads and engineering managers from Cisco, Slack, Mapbox, and GitHub swap their best engineering practices. The event we’re talking about (and for which our suitcases are already packed) is the San Francisco CTO Summit, which happens in just one week! 

What is so special about the CTO Summit?

Working hand-in-hand with startup founders and engineering leads, we understand how tremendously hard it is to build successful processes and products. 

At iTechArt, we continually support the engineering community by organizing internal Dev2Dev sessions and by sponsoring external tech events and meetups. The upcoming San Francisco Summit is the go-to event for engineering leaders, CTOs, and tech managers and is organized by our old friend, Peter Bell. It is a “must-attend” event for the tech industry. Here’s why.

Why attend CTO Connection?

CTO Connection is a 1-day event for tech geeks who are eager to share their knowledge with an audience of peers and learn innovative engineering practices.

There are numerous reasons why techies are drawn to CTO Connect. It is a great opportunity to network with people from various backgrounds and be part of a community that moves the tech world ahead. 

As a custom software development company with almost two decades of hands-on experience in building dedicated development teams, we are eager to listen to the success stories of other tech leaders. 

CTO Connect  San Francisco 2019 speakers

If you’re planning on attending the upcoming CTO Summit, we highly recommend the following sessions:

  • 9.30 AM - Congratulations - BigCo is buying your company! Now what? by Amit Gupta, CTO Software at Cisco.
  • 2:10 PM - Design of engineering teams, processes and architecture to build a data platform by Peeyush Rai, VP of Engineering at Ciitizen.
  • 2:30 PM - Build a distributed engineering team at scale by Christian McCarrick, VP of Engineering at Auth0.
  • 3:50 PM - How to create emotionally intelligent engineering teams by Danielle Leong, Engineering Manager at GitHub.
  • 4.10 PM - Technical due diligence - what investors really care about by Jason Mongue, founder of The Clover Group.

CTO Summits and iTechArt

We never miss out on a CTO Summit. There are multiple events held in different cities across the United States and iTechArt has been a proud sponsor for the last three years.

Our Platinum Sponsorship allows us to provide discounted tickets for our friends in the tech community. If you are still uncertain about attending, perhaps a 15% discount can help you make up your mind! Grab your tickets now for CTO Connect in San Francisco by entering the code “iTechArt_social.”

Have questions on all things software development?

If you would like to discuss any technical challenges your company is currently facing, we would be happy to meet with you. Drop us a line

See you at CTO Connect in San Francisco!

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