It's official: iTechArt is now a Google Cloud Service partner

An accelerated cloud adoption now tops the action plan of most companies, be it a two-person startup, a firm in Silicon Valley, or a traditional business seeking a digital glow-up. That's why it's hardly a shocker that 80% of all organizations are predicted to migrate toward the cloud, hosting, and co-location services in just two or three years.

To do our part in making this "cloudy" forecast credible, we've proudly joined the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner Program at the Partner level. We're already working closely with another major cloud computing provider — AWS, so the new partnership with Google Cloud will significantly expand our cloud offering and empower our clients to reach new heights of business growth.

What's it all about?

GCP lets organizations build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on Google's highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.

The provider believes that the most innovative solutions are born from collaboration, and therefore established a partner program to engage the best market players. This way, any company can choose a vetted partner that can not only assist with development, deployment, training, education, etc., but also one that's closest to its industry and business focus. As Google says itself, all partners have "demonstrated technical proficiency" and "repeatable customer success using Google Cloud.”

Indeed, iTechArt underwent a rigorous technical assessment to prove our capabilities, including earning a number of professional-level certs for developers and developing an annual business plan in terms of strengthening our cloud expertise.

Among the three engagement models Google Cloud offers (Sell, Service, and Build), we chose to follow the Service partnership path, thus proving our team is perfectly qualified to provide consulting and integration services, managing customer applications and workloads, as well as conducting Google Cloud authorized training.

How this partnership benefits our clients

The Google Cloud Partnership cemented our reputation as a trusted, expert provider of GCP solutions across data analytics, AL and ML, cloud migration, IoT, and more, which benefits our clients directly:

  • Moving up the Google Cloud stack. Access to new tools and more sophisticated technologies will further bolster our value proposition and enhance niche expertise to cover our clients' most specific business problems.
  • Google's focus on the end customer. Google Cloud's partner business is built upon the needs of the end customer, which is why the provider cooperates with each partner so your solution drives profitability even in times of uncertainty, yet with reduced costs of cloud development or migration.
  • Filling the skill set gaps that your business might have. Given that some Google products require highly specialized talent that many companies don't have in-house; now, we'll be able to match you with the needed specialists faster, both for one-time and recurring engagements.

Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions at iTechArt

Ok, Google… What's next?

With the best of Google's technology and our world-class capabilities, iTechArt is better positioned to deliver cloud transformation at scale. Having barely become Partners, we're already aimed at the Premier level: the team is now actively working to deliver on (and beyond) the submitted plan, receiving training to acquire more professional certificates, and brainstorming more awesome initiatives. As innovation continues to thrive, the sky – and the clouds – is the limit to our aspirations.

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