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DevOps movement growth is outstanding. Not a big surprise for a practice that improves automation of IT solutions, promotes cooperation between different parts of a team and advances the process of getting feedback from real users.

Why DevOps are hot

DevOps stresses the integration of software development and IT operations as well as enables the company to perform faster and more effectively, with constant iterations. Companies that leverage this practice deploy code up to dozens of times more frequently than their competitors. Development, test and operations work in a collaborative fashion during the delivery process, and investigate the ways to reduce costs and risks of changes. DevOps guarantees that fast and responsive operations are kept in sync with the speed of latest software development trends. It has proven to be successful in startups as small as several people and well-established companies with thousands of employees.

There is a never-ending range of beneficial reasons why the majority of companies consider setting up a DevOps team. It ensures business growth through optimizing the whole system, but not just individual performance. Having Lean and Agile roots, the practice suggests that businesses faster respond to internal and external changes. Besides, automation of technology is critical in DevOps. This incorporates automation to build, test and deploy IT solutions, bringing speed, repeatability and quality while still allowing for control. Companies like Google, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook and Netflix use speed, delivered from their successful DevOps adoption as a way to achieve game-changing business results.

Devops development at Itechart

The #1 reason companies fail at DevOps

Make your DevOps journey with iTechArt

iTechArt always quickly adjusts to significant shifts in the IT and responds to the clients demand. DevOps wasn’t an exception, thus a new dedicated DevOps department was introduced at the company. Our specialists have profound experience in software development and operations, skills to identify the best approach towards infrastructure automation, collaborative work style. They take on full responsibility for cross-team cooperation encouragement and regular ideas exchange between organizational units. The department members skillfully combine several core project roles such as build engineer, system architect, monitoring specialist, etc.

However, DevOps is more focused on team collaboration and innovative communication techniques, the importance of using an efficient toolset can’t be underestimated. Chef is always popular among our engineers. Automated infrastructure with Chef enables us to reduce time-to-market, regulate complexity and security of systems. Besides Chef, DevOps specialists actively utilize Puppet, Saltstack, Ansible and other high-value tools. 

We are claimed to be a proficient DevOps partner by such companies as Architizer, Next Caller, ClassPass, Kids Academy, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate innovative, advantageous DevOps principles into your successful projects with iTechArt!

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