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According to Better Cloud report, in 2017 an organization utilized 16 SaaS applications on average. This very same report predicts the SaaS market will reach$76 billion by 2020.

The cloud movement and all its advantages, such as lower operating costs, the ability to scale, faster deployment and constant upgrades - is witnessing ever-growing interest from B2B and B2C players. Competition between SaaS providers has become the new norm.

To stay ahead of the digital transformation wave and compete in this thriving market, thousands of SaaS folks are attending countless tech conferences, trade shows, summits, and meetups. SaaStr Annual is among the top destinations for SaaS founders. Since its first event back in 2015, SaaStr Annual has grown into the world’s biggestSoftware-as-a-Service event attracting thousands of SaaS folksannually.

Working with dozens of SaaS startups and fast-evolving companies, SaaStr events have always been on our radar. Before packing up our suitcases to head to San Francisco in February, we gathered our lineup of expectations (and plans) for the coming SaaStr 2019 Annual. Here we go!   

SaaStr 2018 flashback

Needless to say, SaaStr is rightly considered a go-to event for all involved in Saas development. Thousands of people (just imagine more than 10k in 2018) gather annually to get a vision toward turning SaaS ideas into a company that starts the IPOs process.

SaaStr Annual is all about hearing from and meeting with SaaS founders and C-level executives of diverse backgrounds who know the industry ins and outs and are eager to share their insights on how to turn a SaaS startup into a fast-growing company.

We were more than happy to be among SaaStr attendants last year. Frankly speaking, the general impression of our team was “Wooow, what an event!” It was a really huge conference with so many great opportunities for networking, exchanging ideas and getting a fresh look at how to move things forward...

SaaStr Annual

Hi there. Here is our team representative attending SaaStr Annual 2018

Among the big-name speakers were the CEO and Co-founder of Slack, the CTO of HubSpot, the CEO and Head of Product at Trello & Atlassian and many other tech people sharing inside lessons learned on the ways to SaaS success.

SaaStr Annual 2019: Our expectations and tips

Obviously,SaaStr 2019 Annualis a must-attend event for all SaaS-focused people. For now, the organizers are promising 12k+ visitors and 300+ speakers and growing! The list includes speakers from HubSpot, Stripe, Twilio, Slack, Intercom, SurveyMonkey, Wordpress, Zoom and dozens more SaaS people. We will be all ears listening to the expert advice and industry innovations from some of these SaaS legends and will definitely share our key takeaways. Stay tuned!

From our expectations, let’s move to some tips that might be helpful for you as a participant. These things are based on the things we learned from this year’s event.

Scan the SaaStr agenda

If you are going to attend SaaStr for content, then networking is something you wouldn’t be able to do. It makes sense to scan the SaaStr 2019 agenda and pick up your top must-attend presentations.

Plan your networking strategy

If you’re interested not only in great B2B-centric sessions but also in networking, after setting up all the presentations you want to attend, it’s time to think about face-to-face meetings. Sometimes it’s really hard to find domain experts in some niches. SaaStr Annual could be a great place to meet and connect with people you might not have the chance to see elsewhere.

Organize a meeting with your sales and marketing team to brainstorm ideas on how to get in touch and schedule meetings with those speakers or companies you really want to connect.

Get your tech ready

To get your bearings at the event, download the App (at the SaaStr Annual 2018, both iOS and Android apps were available.) It is a super-easy and convenient way to set up your agenda, learn more about the speakers, chat with the other participants, and stay aware of what’s happening. It’s a tech-savvy way to get the most out of the conference.

Stay active on social media

Making posts with relevant hashtags on your Instagram or Twitter is a great way to be noted. Here is a tweet our VP of National Growth made at SaaStr Annual 2018.

SaaStr Annual iTechArt team

Come check out point #6 of this article of Jason Lemkin, SaaStr founder. So don’t forget to make a couple posts with relevant content and hashtags.

Enjoy the after-parties

After spending hours listening and learning, you’ll deserve some rest and relaxation. By attending the after parties and sponsored events you’ll be surprised by the quality of conversations that people are having in a closer circle of people. So don’t try to change the architecture of your SaaS application from the ground up after listening to some co-founder success stories. Instead, try to share and discuss your thoughts with people around you.

So, are you attending SaaStr 2019? Why don’t we meet up and say “Hello?” We would be happy to discuss how iTechArt engineers can help you grow and scale your SaaS company.
Let us know if you’d like to schedule a time to chat during the show!

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