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iTechForum 2018: key takeaways

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The first iTechForum took place back in 2015. Since then, our tech community joins together every year to advance the goals we share. At iTechArt, we open the door to innovation and give everyone the opportunity to think outside of the box.

To prove it, last weekend more than 500 participants gathered to share knowledge with coworkers and come up with new amazing solutions. So, let’s recap the top takeaways from our biggest internal event.

Sharing knowledge is power

At this year’s iTechForum, we had the chance to visit a number of engaging conference presentations that inspired and motivated the audience. Our experts delivered speeches on the latest frontend development trends, blockchain, and other important topics. During the talk, speakers showed their strong background in IoT device management and proved that app quality should drive you to test.

During the first day of the event, we were thrilled to welcome a guest speaker from Germany. Henning Muszynski, a software engineer at Doist, shared best practices for the coded style guides.


Hackathons are awesome

Do you ever wonder what would happen if several brilliant people got together in one room to create incredible projects? It would be our annual Hackathon!

This time, 18 teams - fueled by a seemingly never-ending supply of snacks - prepared to take up an exciting challenge: in the space of just 24 hours, they had a task to produce a new service based on the theme of digital economy.

On the second day, the teams presented their pitches to the jury. The projects were evaluated in accordance with the following criteria: relevance, novelty and innovation, technical implementation, and how they presented the topic to the audience.

Throughout the event, the participants were supported by senior level mentors. With their experience, they helped teams ask the right questions and kick-start bigger initiatives. That’s why our Hackathon was not just a 24-hour coding event, it was all about expanding horizons as participants managed to apply their skills to a wide range of industries.


If you're interested in Retail Tech, you’d be impressed at how our participants improved customer service experiences when it comes to the sharing economy, gift-giving, and even ordering coffee. Also, hackers showcased their creativity and expertise when building a smart service to help you find products that are allergy-safe. It’s no surprise they were also chosen by tech enthusiasts to receive the Audience Choice Award.


One of the teams shared their vision for solving employee onboarding challenges. They offered a fully immersive app that enables any junior developer to get up to speed on how everything works so they can start contributing to projects as soon as possible. There’s also the holographic and voice-activated iMentor that will always be around.


The hackathon was full of innovative ideas on how technology can disrupt the service sector. One of the teams contributed to blockchain technology implementation by offering a platform that allows clients to leave tips for awesome service.

Augmented reality

Creating an AR app in just a day? Challenge accepted! One of the results of this year’s iTechForum was a project that allows you to view any object from the inside by clicking its 3D model.


All participants gave really fascinating speeches, but unfortunately, there could only be only one winner. The honorable jury awarded the first place to the project dealing with using credit cards in a foreign country. The solution converts prices to your card's currency and if you have multiple ones, it chooses the most beneficial rates. In addition, the app frees you from tracking custom limits and calculating fees.


iTechForum 2017

Comparing burgers & potatoes

iTechArt global is a close-knit team that is actively engaged in each other's lives. That’s why our American business development team gave us a chance to participate in their exciting panel discussion entitled, “Comparing burgers & potatoes.” It sounds funny (and it was so thanks to their charisma), but the presentation also covered serious questions like cultural differences and customer success.

The speakers delivered an entertaining talk supported by a great presentation. Their illustrative stories worked perfectly to captivate the attention of the audience and to gather live responses.


All in all, this year’s iTechForum was another ultimate success. Looking back, we are already noticing the results and inspirations it produced, and preparing for tremendous new experiences.

See you next year!

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