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Knowledge is power


Our team is our key asset, and we want it to be strong. Soccer, basketball, and extreme running are just a few of the activities that keep our engineers powerful :) But we believe knowledge is the greatest power, so we pay a lot of attention to the development in this area as well.

To support knowledge-sharing and improvement iTech organizes regular Dev2Dev meetups, where a senior presenter speaks about an up and coming technology and shares his or her experience with it. Just a few catching topics we recently covered were Kotlin, React Native, TypeScript and RxJS.


iTech is actively growing and inviting the most talented students to join our Students’ labs on software development & QA, with our senior engineers acting as new-comers’ tech mentors. Dev2Dev speakers and new-comers’ mentors are also active participants of our biggest knowledge-sharing event “iTechForum” – a tech conference & hackathon. There they get tons of applause after presentationsand remarkable red hoodies as appreciation gift.

Being an outstanding developer is also hardly possible without management & communication skills. iTech offers our team a plenty of workshops on soft skills and corporate English courses. We take teaching seriously, with real tests and exams – cheating is impossible :)


We want our customers to work with expert engineers, who strive to develop, stay inspired and inspire others! Just ask your team if they have red hoodies :) 

“iTechForum 2017” takes place in June! Stay tuned!

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