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Our year in review and plans for 2018

Welcome to 2018! This is the time of year that we look back on all we accomplished in 2017 and set our goals and resolutions for the next 12 months.

We have to start by expressing our utmost gratitude to our clients. Thanks to each and every one of you that made time to leave us reviews on and Because of your kindness and positive input, we were recognized as one of the Top Custom Software Development Companies and included as one of 103 Web and Software Development Companies as Global Leaders 2017. And this is just the beginning.

2017 was a year of growth. We now have over 800 talented engineers working at iTechArt. They are all following the latest technology trends and creating solutions based on neural networks, AI, blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning and more.

This past year, we helped develop an entertaining voice bot that can act as an assistant and communicate on general topics. We utilized natural language understanding and intent recognition, along with recurrent neural networks trained on dialogues collected from various resources. We also created an assistant for cardiologists that leverages AI, machine learning and neural networks to recognize pathologies on patient’s ECGs with more than 80% accuracy. This is just the tip of our expertise iceberg. With each new client, we are continually expanding our competence in different domains and industries.

2017 also saw many celebrations and training events for our employees. Over 50 Dev2Dev presentations were organized by mid and senior-level engineers on topics ranging from React components interaction to sharing the top things they’ve learned in test-driven development.

We attended more than 40 internal training classes, team building sessions, and conferences. We also hosted the iTechArt Forum, with a record number of 450+ participants.

iTechForum 2017

The two-day program included:

  • A technical conference with 17 speakers including Microsoft Evangelist Dmitry Soshnikov, who spoke about AI and Digital Transformation. Our internal speakers delivered presentations on currently trending themes including web application security, cross-platform desktop apps development, behavior-driven development, AI, VR and more.
  • Our annual Hackathon coding competition. In 24 hours, fifteen teams did their best to create smart office solutions. The results included an interactive scheme of the iTechArt office that allows to search across employees, departments, technical skills, and more; a chat bot for Slack that recognizes text on images; smart ID cards with NFC tags, and other solutions designed for easier office life.
  • An internal trainers awards ceremony, during which 102 trainers received awards.

To get an inside look at the forum, watch this short video.

iTechArt not only conducted educational sessions for students throughout the year, but also sponsored two events organized to support talented youth.

So that’s a wrap on 2017. And we have even bigger and more ambitious goals for the year ahead. The one resolution that we know we’ll be keeping? To continue doing our best every day to provide our clients with really great solutions.

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