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Why we love React Native

Let’s start with a riddle. This repository is the 6th most starred project on GitHub, having almost 2000 contributors, 308 releases and 16,400 comments in 81 branches. If your first guess was “React Native,” then you win!

The story of React Native (RN) started at Facebook’s internal hackathon in the summer of 2013. In March of 2015, RN was officially open-sourced and became available to use. And so began a new era of building native apps with React.

The React Native rise to stardom was meteoric. After a little over 4 years, it is one of the most popular frameworks for mobile application development. Its growth and adoption rate is only increasing due to regular updates and improvements. 

In this post, we’ll talk about why we love React Native and prove that it’s a not just a scene-stealer, but a big leaguer in the engineering world. 

React Native at iTechArt

Our reasons why 

Sometime in the summer of 2015, we started to look at React Native as a perfect match for our toolkit. Our team needed to take mobile app development to the next level and were looking for something that is easy to learn, use, and test.

Also, our clients are primarily hot young startups that require faster time-to-market and companies that long for greater customization freedom and really robust apps.

At first, this mission seemed impossible, but RN gave us the exact boost we had been looking for and eventually became iTechArt’s crown jewel when it comes to cross-platform development.

Here are a few weighty triggers that made us adore React Native.

  • Faster and cheaper.React Native offers 90% code reuse as well as multiple pre-built components, which makes the overall engineering process more efficient and can catapult your application to the App Store or Google Market. In addition, you will save up to 40% investments with this framework.
  • Native experience.RN provides rich native UI experience and delivers the same performance level of solutions built with Java or Swift.
  • Consistency. 63% of users expect brands to deliver a coherent experience. The RN “2 in 1” style lets devs write code once and deploy it to all major mobile operating systems.
  • On the fly updates. React Native enables you to apply on-air changes, without the need to recompile or restart an application. Even if your app requires frequent updates, they won’t affect your devoted users.
  • Shorter debugging time. Since there is a single database, you will benefit from shorter debugging time. One fix will correct the error on all platforms, ensuring cross-device consistency.

Creating a successful development pipeline

The star-studded crew of React Native-backed apps includes Discord, Salesforce, Skype, Soundcloud and many more. This makes folks immediately follow the trend and choose RN. However, one should be smart about such a decision. 

For instance, Airbnb, a global hospitality service, decided to reduce the RN code to 15-20% of the codebase and stated that React Native didn’t fit their special needs. This proves that every business case is unique and should be discussed on a per-project basis.

The iTechArt team studies your requirements and takes a deep-dive into each project to define the product’s quality-driven roadmap. We are never wishy-washy on your feedback and join forces to consistently upgrade your solution. 

We build our stack on top of the best libraries, frameworks, languages, and emerging technologies, ensuring your app will not escape presence on users’ main screens. 

itechart react native development team

Our team is our precious

As the RN community is rapidly expanding, we cherry-pick only the mightiest specialists. If you start a React Native project with us, you will find developers with desirable skill sets in a few days, not months.

Our devs never stay in their comfort zones for too long - they are always hungry for new challenges.

itechart react native development process

No shot-for-shot React Native remakes

The versatile nature of RN gives us a lot of leeway to experiment. As our “generate an idea” mode is always on, we are ready to bring your idea to life, however crazy it may seem. 

itechart react native development services

Let’s take a closer look at our portfolio. 


Dialogue is a nine-figure funded telemedicine platform that helps employees pay close attention to health by interacting with a community of doctors across a wide range of specialties.

The company engaged iTechArt as a mature technology partner to nail a series of mission-critical tasks, such as DevOps infrastructure deployment, an administrative portal backend development, and UI modeling. 

With us, Dialogue achieved the main goal of ensuring stable performance and steady growth in the user base. 


Less than a year ago, we teamed up with Moved (an AngelPad graduate with a mission to make moving less stressful) to accelerate product development and migrate the existing iOS application to React Native. 

Comprising one backend and one React Native engineer, iTechArt covered the following project needs:

  • Performance and security revision of the active API
  • Migrating the API to Django while keeping backward compatibility
  • Revamping the existing API of vendor dashboard
  • Introducing a richly-documented channel partners API
  • Setting up Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for a cross-platform mobile application
  • Migrating an iOS application to React Native
  • Introducing fresh design and a rich set of new features

Our engineers breathed new life into the existing web and mobile solutions by ensuring their enhanced performance, stability, and scalability.


BuySellHODL is an online cryptocurrency platform that enables users to track the latest cryptocurrency news and prices and participate in online games.

The client was looking for an experienced long-term partner who would build an MVP of iOS and Android apps, together with ensuring stable solution performance upon growth.

We successfully designed and developed user-friendly iOS and Android apps featuring up-to-date prices of 1000+ cryptocurrencies, the most recent news from the crypto world, and an online cryptocurrency game. Also, the iTechArt team introduced the system of online polls for cryptocurrency trends.

Are you up for React Native?

Whether you are looking to speed up the development of the existing solution or want to task us with a build-from-scratch product, React Native is definitely worth a try. Just share your idea and we’ll be there ready to start!

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