If you were to gather a group of seasoned developers together in a room and ask which programming language they all prefer, you’d probably get a dozen different answers. From Java to C+ to Python, programmers definitely have their favorites. Two names you would certainly hear over and over again are Ruby and Golang.

While developers certainly have their preferences as to which is the best web development tool, how do the two programming languages compare from a business owner’s perspective? When it comes to Ruby vs. Golang performance, which is better?

We can start to answer that question by going into a bit more detail as to how each language is used.

What is Ruby on Rails used for?

Ruby-on-Rails is a longstanding classic programming language that was made even more popular when the Rails framework was added. While it is still the preferred coding language for a majority of programmers, its popularity has been waning over the last couple of years due to the introduction of new languages like Golang.

Ruby on Rails has been used to develop Airbnb, Basecamp, Github, Groupon, Shopify, and many other popular web applications used today by millions of people around the world.

What is Golang used for?

Golang is the Google programming language that has been used to create Dropbox, eBay, and Uber, in addition to Google itself. It is known for its speed and overall popularity when it comes to cloud application development.

Most commonly referred to simply as “Go,” Golang was created back in 2007 to handle Google’s own large and demanding coding requirements. Go has been dubbed the new “cool kid on the block” by the development community.

Advantages of Ruby

Developers love Ruby on Rails because of its simplicity, efficiency and speed. The Rails framework helps to speed up the development process by providing an array of shortcuts. From a business point of view, the fact that you can get your solution to market sooner if you choose to work with Ruby is certainly an advantage.

Ruby on Rails also helps to enhance overall team productivity because it allows developers to write cleaner code that’s easily read by other programmers. Ruby is based on the Agile method for software development, which allows the team to break down the development process into short sprints. This helps to reduce bugs and other development headaches early on, resulting in a better product.

Another business advantage to choosing Ruby is that it allows an organization the ability to attract the best talent. The majority of the highest-skilled developers are Ruby experts, so it’s easier to find the right team if you use Ruby as opposed to other, less popular languages.

Advantages of Golang

Golang is extremely easy to learn and is highly compatible with other programming languages. It is the developer’s tool of choice for complicated solutions that require a larger development stack. Performance, scalability and a static typing are the main advantages of Golang compared to Ruby.

Given the fact that is was created by Google, Go is great for building cloud-based solutions. Plus, Go has a big collection of libraries that developers can use, which is better for creating scalable solutions for businesses looking to grow without having to go through massive changes to their product platform.

In the near future Go could replace Ruby in certain fields where performance and scalability are important. 

The final verdict

Both Ruby on Rails and Golang are free to use, which allows businesses the ability to focus on hiring highly qualified developers as opposed to spending a lot of money on expensive development tools.

The bottom line is that if you’re building a complex solution with a large development stack, Golang functional programming and Golang web server performance is much better than Ruby.

On the other hand, while the development speed of Ruby is fast, the performance speed of applications built on the platform is not so much. If you’re just looking to create a simple website in the shortest amount of time, Ruby is the better option.

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Created by Alex Sokolov