Salesforce incubator Batch #2

Salesforce Incubator Graduates: AI Goes Wild

The Artificial Intelligence market is in full bloom with technologies such as Salesforce’s Einstein, IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and more. Though AI technology is just at the early stage of development, it’s already changing the way businesses operate by helping to make them truly customer-centric.

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Salesforce are constantly looking to acquire AI-powered startups. With a total number of 34, the first quarter of 2017 was ripe with acquisitions of startups developing Artificial Intelligence.

Being one of the world’s most innovative companies, Salesforce is laser-focused on AI innovations. At Dreamforce’16, the world met Einstein, or, as Salesforce likes to call it, “AI for everyone.” Shortly before its public introduction, Salesforce acquired a number of startup companies developing AI technology including MetaMind and Prediction IO.

A year after its introduction, Salesforce Einstein continues to dive deeply into CRM capabilities. The next Dreamforce will showcase Einstein Platform Services and how to use them. Apart from acquiring companies that develop cutting-edge technologies, Salesforce continues to supports startups through the Salesforce Incubator program.

Salesforce Incubator

In September of 2016, Salesforce launched “The Incubator” – a five-month program to help startups build solutions on the Salesforce platform. The program provides free workspace, mentorship, support, exposure and networking opportunities for a selected group of tech startups. It’s a great chance to leverage cutting-edge cloud technology, as well as best industry minds, including salespeople, marketers, consultants, developers, and whoever else you may need.

While Salesforce has no obligations to finance the Incubator’s startups, the program helps these companies get noticed by other financial institutions.

The most recent group of startups to graduate from The Incubator program have solutions that are focused on artificial intelligence and utilizing the power of Salesforce’s Einstein technology.

Here’s a quick look at the thirteen startups that recently completed The Incubator. These are the companies that will be taking the AI sector by storm in the near future, thanks to a little help from Salesforce.

Human Resources

Several of the AI startups from the Incubator program aim to create a diverse and inclusive work environment. Joonko ensures diversity in recruiting, empowerment, retention, and promotion. Glassbreakers encourages employee engagement, community, and mentorship throughout an organization by matching employees with peer mentors.

Business Process Automation

CRM Science and NeuraFlash are both Salesforce Consulting partners that aim to help organizations with their business processes by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Cloud Conversion helps ecommerce companies manage all aspects of their online business. iWABOO provides tech startups with consulting services, including pricing and distribution strategies, market adjustments, inventory management, sales, and account management.

Analytics Capabilities

Hilo Studios and MadKudu both help sales teams forecast future business decisions and revenue numbers. Diffeo, an AI-powered “research assistant,” analyzes the online information being researched and offers content suggestions, connections, and experts to help further the research process.

Decision Making

Data-driven and unbiased decisions are easier to make with the help of artificial intelligence. Intricately helps technology companies zero-in on the right prospects for their solutions using real-time data-driven market intelligence for Cloud, Mobile and SaaS ecosystems. Prophit Insight helps hospitals fund and grow their business by reducing network leakage and laser-focusing their business development activities on the best opportunities.


Usersnap helps companies capture feedback, track issues, provide support, and report bugs directly in the browser. VoiceOps transcribes and analyzes sales teams’ conversations in order to deliver valuable and actionable data-driven feedback.

Currently, over 7,000 developers are creating AI applications with Einstein. Just last month, Salesforce announced that its investment division - Salesforce Ventures – is launching a $50 million fund to invest in artificial intelligence startups.

The first benefactors of the fund will be Highspot – a sales enablement platform that connects sales teams to the most relevant content for each situation and customer, Squirro – a cognitive insights engine that enables companies to turn meaningless data into actionable insights, and TalkIQ - a voice analytics platform that helps increase revenue by aggregating and predicting insights around customer satisfaction.

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