The State of Fintech 2021

An inside look at the industry
The State of Fintech 2021
Download our report to discover:
  • How the fintech world reacted to COVID — funding, user adoption, old expectations, and new realities
  • Investment projections for the sector in the near future
  • Which subdomains are thriving and which took a hit
  • How fintech will adapt post-pandemic

key takeaways .

key takeaways .

key takeaways .

The future

Our prognosis? Fintech is healthier than ever

Looking back at 2020, fintech weathered the storm better than most. Already optimized for a touchless world and accustomed to making quick pivots, the industry was largely unscathed by the same limitations as physical institutions and during a year indoors, money continued to talk. Our report dives deep into the current state of affairs as well as what’s to come, making it an indispensable read for...
C-level decision-makers
In many cases, leaders in every sector were forced to attend to new demands, either to stay afloat or to out-scale their competition. Have an inside look at the industry pivots we’ve seen.
Established institutions
Make no mistake: the best practices of years past now come with an asterisk attached. Decode the nuances of what modern clients expect and be ahead of the traditional market.
High-flying startups
Should your VC-backed darling go for another round or target that IPO? There’s a lot to learn before an informed decision can be made.
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The facts

Did you know?

  • While fintech investments at the seed stage decreased in 2020, series rounds grew by double-digits — with Series C spiking 69% YoY
  • Fintech Innovation Lab still is the king of fintech incubators, with 210 companies in their portfolio
  • Funding-wise, the only sector to emerge from 2020 wholly unscathed was banking, which saw stable increases year-round
  • The most invested fintech subdomains were mobile wallets, payments processing, insurance, and digital banking, accruing a total of over $32 billion
  • Fintech unicorns haven’t slowed, with 12 emerging in Q1 of ‘21
  • Mega-rounds were aplenty, perhaps more in fintech than any other industry
  • Mergers & acquisitions went up 25% last year
  • Cutting-edge tech like blockchain and next-gen machine learning are being adopted at breakneck pace by the industry
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