The 2010s were something. In a decade that saw the rise of smartphones, social media, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, startup boom was inevitable. Having worked with generations of trailblazing startups, we decided to kick off the new decade with our first report that we hope will serve as an insightful guide for the present heroes, and a digital time capsule for their followers.

For technologists and by technologists

The report wouldn't be complete without all the cameos made by technology leaders across the U.S. startup ecosystem. In total, we surveyed more than 378 founders and executives. Combined with our vision, this survey has become a total must-read for every techie, always striving to do and learn a bit more than the day before.

Tech-savvy CEOs
It takes experience to connect business with the market. We provide guidance and resources to help you hire and build a highly competitive team.
Business-minded CTOs
Looking for what fits your product best? Our report has a word or two on how to set the technology direction of your startup right.
All-star engineering team
All-star engineering
If your deepest existential question is what technology to choose or what the competition on the job market looks like, go grab this report.
Here are some flash-forwards
  • Though we deeply believe all domains are created equal, some seem to get more money. A spoiler alert: US startups disrupting fintech and healthtech are still on top.
  • Our team has thoroughly studied the most thriving startup sectors to stay on top of industry trends.
  • We asked engineering visionaries about the magic behind choosing a technology stack, as well as what they consider the greatest power-ups of their engineering teams.
  • You’ll find out what latest technology breakthroughs are the most promising to work with, and what is the most clever hack to hiring top talent engineers.
  • The report explains why CTO as a service is a must for non-technical founders as well as early-stage startups.
  • Java is still reigning over a programming "Olympus". Learn what languages and frameworks are gaining ground no less rapidly.
The mission behind this project

This report is created as a healthy mix of publicly available data and our own insights drawn from years of cooperation with the leading U.S. startups. We are sure that a more active collaboration within the community will inspire a win-win hands-on knowledge sharing and help to trigger a new generation of bold and ambitious startups.

You are welcome to read, share and participate in the further development of this report.

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