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Download our annual report to discover:
  • Which industries are — or will soon be — hiring, thriving, and making money coming out of a crisis
  • How COVID-19 changed the VC investment landscape
  • What the most developed startup ecosystems in the United States look like
  • Which industries will shape the post-COVID world

Our changing landscape

The impacts of 2020 were certainly unprecedented, but while adapting was difficult, the world proved that it wasn’t impossible. As communities reopen and businesses resume as (well, maybe not so) usual, founders face a gamut of opportunities to keep their startups well afloat, making our annual report an absolute must-read for…

Tech execs
Tech execs
Re-evaluating your purpose, offering, and customer communication? You’re not the only leader looking to make adjustments. Check out what the future holds for in-demand and niche technologies alike.
Newly-minted founders
Newly-minted founders
Looking to follow in the footsteps of Uber, Slack, and other successful startups founded during the last major crisis? Score an inside look at today’s scene to lock in your competitive advantage for 2021.
Aspiring startupers
The pandemic hit most industries, but not every sector went under. If you’re up for launching a business amidst the uncertainty, but not quite sure which emerging market to choose, look to us to clue you in.
Our most innovative decade to date sure ended with lots of cliffhangers: What does the future of work look like? Will we have an opportunity for a global reset? What will startup funding look like in a post-crisis world? As our team enters our third decade partnering with startups, we studied the lessons of the past as well as looked to the future, inviting you to learn the landscape and form a strategic response to the crisis.
Did you know?
  • In Q1 2020, startup funding was staring down its second-steepest quarterly decline in a decade, while Q3 was the strongest third quarter in the last six years
  • Intel Capital secured the number one spot as the most active investor in 2020, committing a total of $132 million to 11 startups
  • Internet startups are still investors' faves, while investments in four verticals (finance, aerospace, security, and gaming) more than doubled
  • The industries shaping the post-COVID world is topped by healthtech, finance, security, and retail
  • New York and Boston are having a moment...but they’re not the only ones! Discover more startup dream destinations in the report
  • Was this year the start of a unicorn baby boom? The total population of US-based unicorns reached a record high in Q3 2020 and continues to increase despite the crisis
  • The numbers are in and React still holds first place among programming languages for startups
  • Early-stage startups are cashing smaller checks while later-stage startups and those with social impact are on the rise
  • And there’s plenty more where this came from!
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