Essential guide: Navigating the sales process with iTechArt and Salesforce

In 2020, CEOs face a major challenge: How to put digital transformation at the center of the corporate strategy.

Digital transformation is a complete business transformation, one that involves a potentially complex roadmap to navigate. Assuming customers are at the heart of any business, it all should start with creating a truly digital sales process driven by state-of-the-art technologies.

In this white paper, we've mapped out a route to the most efficient sales process and explained how Salesforce can jump-start your digital transformation and help get more customers without sacrificing the company's vision.

The parts you won't want to miss:

How to boost digital transformation in sales
How to boost digital transformation in sales
There's no better way to start than with effective ways to build and embed a digital sales culture in your organization from the top down.
The ultimate guide to closing deals 2x faster
The ultimate guide to closing deals 2x faster
Explore the top 7 secret tactics to win more new customers in 2020. Recommended by industry leaders - Salesforce and iTechArt.
The tech side of Salesforce implementation
The tech side of Salesforce implementation
We'll give you directions to the pain-free Salesforce implementation strategy, bridging business and technology milestones of your journey.
Sneak peek at the key points
  • Qualify leads with a customer-centric approach; think like your customers, mind your sales strengths, and consider the skills outside your team, i.e. customer service, marketing, or even partnerships.
  • Always start your sales pitch with vision, data, and value.
  • Top sales performers counter client objections with questions over 23% more often than average performers.
  • Don't just close deals; keep your promises and nurture customer relationships with cloud-based CRM software. CRM is the right digital transformation tool for staying in sync with customers, getting more prospects, and creating a fully digital and efficient sales process.
  • Technology drives the shift in business, and organizations that want to succeed must merge technology with a strategy to stay ahead.
A super team generates 50% of success

If you're looking for sales growth, you should get the right balance between the trio process, technology, and, most importantly, people. Whether team members are dealing with account management, engineering, or deal structure and delivery, they're all crucial to gathering and organizing information about your leads throughout the sales process. Don't ignore engaging an external partner if there's a shortage of onsite talent. The perks of working with such companies are included in this white paper.

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