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These 2 Startups Are Making the Web a Safer Place

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In June of this year, companies all over the world, including Merck, BNP Paribas, and Federal Express, were held hostage by a ransomware attack. According to Microsoft, the attack originated in Ukraine and quickly spread to more than 64 countries.

With ransomware attacks such as this becoming increasingly common, cyber-security is now mission critical. Hackers and purveyors of the dark web are constantly finding new ways to steal proprietary and sensitive information.

Two of our start-up clients, Cybersponse and Tigera, have created innovative and viable security solutions for the next generation of cloud commerce. What they’re doing is pretty revolutionary when it comes to battling online hackers.


Founded in 2011, Cybersponse provides a communications platform to handle cyber-attacks with automated incident response (IR) threat management capabilities. Cybersponse developed the industry’s first knowledge-based and awareness-driven security management intelligence solution.

The company takes a four-pronged approach to reducing security risks by automating processes, creating efficiencies, providing situational analysis, and reducing time spent on unnecessary tasks.

In February of this year, Cybersponse announced a partnership with Trend Micro to facilitate operability with other existing technologies by automating the incident response and remediation process.

Learn more about Cybersponse by visiting their website here.


Tigera’s philosophy is that modern applications require a new approach to connectivity.

Founded in 2016, Tigera is the leading provider of mission-critical application connectivity software for Kubernetes - an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

Containerization is basically a way to run various applications without launching a virtual machine (VM) for each individual app. Production use of containers doubled in 2016, and Google now launches 2 billion containers per week.

Tigera Essentials helps micro-segment applications in order to review and ensure compliance with security policies and keep information safe across all clouds – private, public and hybrid. 

Learn more about Tigera and their solutions by visiting their website here.

iTechArt is proud to be helping pave the way for a safer web by helping companies like Cybersponse and Tigera develop new products for a new generation of cloud solutions. We can help you too! Contact us to learn more.

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