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7 UX trends in 2019

UX design is always in progress. Right now, the industry is booming and it’s clear that experience design plays a critical role in attracting audience and building trust between users and the product.

In 2019, UX-design will be a high priority for startups and companies. Of course, the world changes and there’s always something new to try, so the user experience is also adapting to these new rules. Let’s take a closer look at UX trends that have the potential of becoming big in 2019.

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Conversational design

The best interface is no interface at all. In 2016, Google stated that roughly 20% of all mobile searches were done with voice activation and that by 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches (ComScore).

A large number of companies start thinking about their own smart assistants. Voice isn’t the future. It’s already here and will only become more common in 2019.

UX writing/copywriting, UX editing and storytelling

The experience with Voice Assistants is based on a word exchange between user and machine, which means each word has to be attentively selected.

Being respectful, brief and useful are simple principles of UX writing. And it means respecting other people’s time more than your own.

There is a difference between UX editing and UX writing. UX writers produce user-facing text. UX editors analyze and turn content into a simple humane text.

AI + personalized experiences

Armed with machine learning and artificial intelligence, companies now have an opportunity to take a personalized approach to serving their customers. It’s about the information that AI collects about the user with the knowledge of the UX designer (this experience is based on the preferences and  behaviors of your user.) In other words, on actual data. Brands like Spotify and Netflix have been known to watch content recommendations with their AI algorithm.

Augmented and virtual reality

What started in gaming has now spread to retail and offers varied user experiences. By including the user and their environment, games were able to satisfy players in a completely new, entertaining way. In 2019, prepare yourself for augmented and virtual reality experiences.


User research is not only about understanding your users, but understanding how they think, act, and feel. Companies have a lot of demographic data about audience, but UX-research can actually give you qualitative insights about what your users do and how they use your product. The InVision report suggests that the key differentiators between a level 3 design company and a level 5 (scale of 1–5) are UX research. 


Wearables are designed to solve our daily life problems. Smart watches are not just a fashion trinket or a toy anymore. They can now make payments, track our health, and resolve simple daily tasks . 

Bottom navigation

Phones now have bigger screens that are designed to improve our experience since they can show more content. But large displays have one problem: they take away the clickable elements. Bottom navigation in 2019 will help the user access  key features of the app.

To be continued...

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