Video сonferencing app updates you need to make ASAP

From WhatsApp texts to tweets, we have more ways to share information than ever before. But what if one really needs to make eye contact to be more convincing or just haven’t seen colleagues in a very long time? Video conferencing appears to be the most essential solution, especially in the wake of a global pandemic.

Video conference is worth a thousand words

Whether it's a webinar or simply holding a video meeting, users flock to the top-tier video conferencing apps that could offer a variety of extra features such as screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, call recording, to name a few.

However, as great as they are, there are some key upgrades that you should consider to keep your video conference app competitive and cultivate a rich user experience. We've made it easier for you to achieve this goal by analyzing the top feature trends and audience reviews.

Here are some of the top video conferencing app upgrades to make this year.



Though interoperability isn't one of the flashiest features, it's certainly one of the most valuable. Interoperability is the ability of various operating systems, software, apps, and information systems to share, access, and distribute information.

To ensure that your video conference app is considered an essential tool, it has to work with the top software systems that are used across the world. The app should be fully integrated within these software systems if you intend to market your app as a means to boost productivity.

With complete integration, your users will benefit from a range of uses like scheduling a meeting in their preferred calendar with an embedded link to the meeting at the touch of a button. Or they can send out invites to meetings within their work group chats. Consider these platforms:

  • G Suite
  • CRM Software
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Office 365

Video conferencing security


Whether it's a group of friends getting together for a virtual happy hour or a healthcare provider discussing confidential details about a patient's history, every one of your video conference app users should expect and receive privacy protection through your security protocols.

Start with the industry-standard end-to-end encryption on all information passing through your servers. If you are using anything below E2EE, then it may be time for an upgrade. It’s one of the most essential features of video conferencing, especially those targeted toward the healthcare market. You won’t make in the health care provider niche if your app doesn’t offer HIPAA compliant video conferencing security features.

Consumers are now provided with major insights into their data security as watchdogs and white-hat hackers bring to light security flaws that could put user's information in danger. Some apps, with poor security measures, have caused users to suffer through major problems such as meetings being bombarded by uninvited guests and personal information being made available through insecure channels.

Learn from their mistakes — implement password-protected meetings (as the default), secure routing, and any proprietary protocols that will ensure your users’ protection.

Video polls

Video polls

Polling is one of the newer video conferencing solutions that has generated a significant fanbase, especially in messaging and social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and GroupMe. Polling is now making its way to video conferencing platforms — currently, Zoom is one of the frontrunners that have introduced polling functionality on their platform.

Whether it's deciding where to order lunch or determining the best date and time for an important meeting, polling allows users to pose a question and get real-time answers. This is especially useful for management or educators who may need the input of all the members of a group on a single issue. Instead of dredging through multiple (sometimes hundreds!) of responses at once, a poll generates a simple percentage date point.

In addition to gathering feedback, polls work to test knowledge of those in the group. Do your students know answers to questions based on information that you have been teaching them? Do your coworkers know pertinent information about a client before working on a project for them? Its knowledge testing has a variety of applications and can help you gain valuable insights into what individuals in your meeting do or don't know.

Annotating and electronic whiteboards

Annotating and electronic whiteboards

Geared to serve businesses and those in the education sector, annotating and whiteboard functionality are vital components of visual-based information sharing. Annotation enables users to emphasize certain information and disregard others — it's generally a more effective way to share visual data whether it's a graph, a chart, or any other kind of infographic.

Additionally, electronic whiteboards should work exactly like real ones. Give users the ability to draw, underline, type, and erase with ease. This can act as a great method of explanation or demonstration virtually. Zoom currently has an advanced version of this feature which allows all of the functionality listed above. Consider the following key features when determining how to implement annotating upgrades to your video conferencing app:

  • Content saving - Once a demonstration has been made, content saving allows the information recorded on whiteboards or annotated throughout the meeting to be accessed again and again.
  • Multiple annotators - Enabling users to access multiple annotators will give them the variety they need to make their webinar a success. Not only will hosts be able to explain things with more clarity, but they’ll also have the tools to do so.
  • Toolbar variety - Going beyond the bare minimum toolbar functionality can greatly increase your user’s ability to get the most out of their video conferencing experience. Functionality should include everything from changing pen colors, laser pointer functions, and the ability to organize lists from within the app itself.
  • Several whiteboards - Allowing your users to share more information by not limiting the number of whiteboards they can use to one.

Webinar features

Webinar features

As webinars grow in popularity, hosts and organizers are turning to the video conferencing apps that boast the most functionality. Some features to include:

  • Registration - Control over who attends and has access to webinars offers hosts and organizers valuable insights. They also create an extra layer of security by limiting the event's attendee list.
  • Reporting - Speaking of insights, a reporting feature is an attractive feature for webinars. Not only do the hosts and organizers learn more about engagement, attendees, and poll results, but they can also use that information to improve the webinar experience later on.
  • In-meeting chat - This tool is especially useful when it comes to expanding on topics that the audience is engaged in or needs clarification on. It can help guide the conversation during a webinar.
  • Conference recording - Whether you need a recording of the webinar to distribute to your audience or you are looking to analyze the webinar yourself, a conference recording is that users need.
  • Configurable video layouts - Allowing users to customize their video layout can improve their webinar experience. Consider offering the option to move video boxes or hide others.
  • 1080p and HD audio - The industry standard is always shifting, but currently, 1080p and HD audio are some of the most common allowances for top video-conference apps. They improve UX significantly — no one likes grainy video and garbled audio.

Now you see the plan

Knowing which video conference app upgrades to consider for your app can be challenging. However, if you consider implementing some (or all!) of the upgrades listed above, you'll find yourself with a top-rated app that offers the experience that can't be rivaled elsewhere. Now, all is set for boosting your app to the top of app stores and the video conference services list.

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