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What’s it like to be a QA Engineer?

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Quality Assurance is all about ensuring product consistency and success. With no second chance to make a first impression, QA aims to make sure that the first interaction with your product or solution will not be the last. This is why the role of the Quality Assurance Engineer is so important.

We've asked our QA Test Engineer as well as Reddit readers what it’s really like to be a QA Engineer. Here’s what they had to say.

Analysis of Requirements and Testing Planning

The first stage is all about identifying the scope of testing requirements. It’s the QA Engineer’s job to know the project and its documentation inside and out.

QA works in conjunction with a development team. Both dive deeply into requirements and specifications.

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The greatest qualification of a QA Engineer is the ability to look at the solution from the end-user standpoint. For example, from the designer point of view, a product might look ideal and the developer may see no problems in its performance. However, for an end-user, it may not seem that ideal. The QA Engineer must be able to step back and provide an unbiased assessment. A large QA team has the ability to look at a solution independently and suggest significant improvements.

Setting Up the Test Environment

To ensure that a solution performs properly on different browsers and devices, a QA engineer deploys a testing environment. They install the required software, hardware, and application components and perform thorough analyses.

The IT industry forces engineers to keep their skills current when it comes to new technologies and testing approaches. Being a QA engineer means that you never stop learning.

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The testing phase is both the most challenging and most interesting part of a QA Engineer’s work.

"What makes a good QA engineer is dedication. A good QA Engineer goes into the darkest app/website corners and points out everything that could possibly bring damage to the final solution." - Sergey Grinkevich, QA Test Engineer.

It’s necessary to understand the development process and look for connections. What could happen after fixing this part? Will the rest of the functionality perform as required?

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Closure Phase

After testing and submitting all bugs, documentation is created. It can be anything from a simple checklist to lengthy test cases, with each step and condition described in elaborated detail. Here are some thoughts from our QA Test Engineer:

"The more complex the project, the more important it is to have the test documentation in place. If the most detailed test documentation (like test cases) is written for the project, then this can also be used as a basis for automated testing. Up-to-date documentation helps to eliminate the ambiguity of the requirements. For example, there can be changes which are not reflected in the specification, however, an engineer who was testing it took all this into account and added the expected results to the testing documentation."

Test documentation writing is usually followed by daily meetings aimed to identify current status and set the future scope of work.

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Remember, testing is not just about bug finding. It’s really about discovering all the ways to improve your solution. Listen to your QA team when they advise you to revamp certain features or functionality. These people are the faces of the overall quality of your solution.

Hiring your mobile app testing company will help create a really powerful business. You may need QA and testing more than you think you do. Contact us if you’re looking for QA expertise!

This article was created with the help of Sergey Grinkevich

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