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iTechArt provides senior-level talent to help startups and fast-moving tech companies quickly start and scale their product development. Our dedicated development team will seamlessly integrate with your in-house engineers while using the same tools and methodologies and embracing the same mindset.
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A perfect mash-up of code and soft skills

Top tier talent iTechArt ramped up our in-house team with 3500 engineers under one roof to ensure the development process is seamless and transparent. Engineering powerhouse You get unlimited access to all the skills you might need, including web, mobile, QA and testing, big data and DevOps. Great teamwork We at iTechArt consider ourselves as one big team, not just a number of units — so when we join your project, they’ll be on the same page about the upcoming gig from day one. Startup mentality Our people are thrilled to tackle hot technologies and challenging tasks. Sounds exactly like your project, huh?

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a remote talent hub

We are serious about your success from the get-go. iTechArt ensures your in-house team and our dedicated developers enter synergy mode and bring the heat to your target market.Step 1We start with an immersion into your vision, challenges, and goals. This helps us maximize the efficiency of an internal vetting process. Step 2We deploy X-ray vision on our roster and get back to you with the perfect candidates’ CVs in just 24 hours. Step 3You interview engineers to find the perfect match. As soon as you give a thumbs-up to selected candidates, we can move on. Step 4This is the “woohoo!” moment. Your much-coveted team is in full-on prep mode to start.

We make it your way

Our dedicated developers come as a 100% extension of your on-site team. They are fully-synced and always available for a chat, whether it’s a daily standup, a code review or an important decision to be made. And if needed, they’ll be happy to drop by.

Run the team your way Augment an in-house team Lead a large-scale project

The iTechArt experience

Your shareholders and stakeholders have expectations, so with every project, we carefully construct and follow a roadmap that ensures maximum efficiency.
Minimum extras
Forget about all the mind-boggling yet important stuff like ergonomic chairs, massage, and other add-ons employees might actually not need. You have it covered from every angle.
Reliable collab
We build a strong, durable environment, but our collaboration doesn’t end there. You can be sure that your team is ready to stay with you as long as you need them.
Quick ramp-up
With iTechArt’s staff augmentation services, you can easily scale your dedicated team up as your business grows. It’s like you are managing your in-house team, only more flexible.

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