Team as a Service

iTechArt provides senior-level talent to help startups and fast-moving tech companies quickly start and scale up their product development. Our dedicated development team will seamlessly integrate with your in-house engineers while using the same tools and methodologies and embracing the same mindset.

Problems we solve

Fully-fledged team of top talent packed in no time: you don’t have to go nuts while trying to cherry-pick outstanding developers from here and there – we have already found these people and packed them in a team to join your project right away.

Motivation: we know what fires our senior developers up: it’s the latest hot technologies and challenging tasks. Sounds exactly like your project, huh? So you can be sure that your team is passionate about your idea and ready to stay with you as long as you need them. And hey, forget about this mind-boggling yet important stuff like ergonomic chairs and company retreats. You have it covered from every angle.

Full stack in one place: when you hire dedicated developers at iTechArt, you get unlimited access to all the skills you might need, including web, mobile, QA and testing, big data and DevOps.

Timely delivery: we help you deliver the product on time and in line with the investors’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

Quick ramp-up: when your business grows, we’ll be there to extend your team without any hassle.

Effective matchmaking

iTechArt matches your project and team with brilliant talent that boasts technical excellence as well as outstanding soft skills. We make your ideal candidate profiles come true. This is how we start:

Step 1 Once we get to know your needs, we build a team that will best deal with your challenge and put them through a rigorous internal vetting process. Step 2 In 2-3 days, we get back to you with the ideal candidates’ CVs and set up interviews if you feel like some magic is about to happen. Step 3 If the guys are a fit, we can move on. If not, we’ll start over and get this perfect match for you. Step 4 Now meet your all-star team. You are ready to set off.

Perks that go with your team

Great teamwork. For every project, we bring not only experience but also the great teamwork we’ve been nurturing for years. In fact, we at iTechArt consider ourselves as one big team, not just a number of units. So when our hybrid team joins your project, they’ll be on the same page about the upcoming gig from day one.

Flawless communication. Our dedicated offshore developers come as a 100% extension of your on-site team. They are fully-synced and always available for a chat, whether it’s a daily standup, a code review or an important decision to be made. And if needed, they’ll be happy to drop by.

Control and flexibility. With iTechArt’s staff augmentation services, you can easily scale your dedicated team up, as if you are managing your in-house team, only more flexible.

Startup mentality. We are part of your world. We know what you read, we know what you eat. And, oh boy, we love it. While some might be apprehensive about working on startup projects, our people are thrilled to jump on this bus and get totally blown away.

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