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Having built a number of unicorns and supported established enterprise-level clients, we can provide you with the level of technical leadership and support that you need, just when you need it.
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CTO support for your business

Whether your company is a startup or a large multinational company, a strong CTO is an essential member of your team, but hiring a permanent CTO can take six months or longer. Meanwhile, our veteran CTO can step in and support your business in days.
Armed with expert understanding of the best tech stacks for an MVP, our CTO can support newly funded organizations seeking to boost business performance and advance into their next growth stage.
From bridging gaps after a CTO departure to helping to meet other pressing needs, iTechArt can provide an executive-level professional with the technical oversight skills you require immediately.
If your goals exceed simple developmental issues, our CTO can add an additional management layer, continuously looking out for business leadership challenges and potential process improvements.

Success-oriented CTOaaS solutions

Technology consulting

iTechArt’s approach focuses on helping your team keep up in a fast-paced world. IT goals and technology investments are combined with a new business development strategy.

Business advisory

Our consultants analyze problems and potential risks regarding your analytical and business process, offering tailored, innovative, and comprehensive solutions.

Team staffing and scaling

We assign a C-suite level tech leader who can work alongside your senior-level engineers, seamlessly integrating our talent into your team to tackle the challenges ahead.

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strategy and architecture
business change
solution development and implementation
service management
procurement management and support

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