Software development for startups

At iTechArt, we are on a mission to help startups break free from the limits of a conventional work model. We provide senior-level dedicated teams combining a full spectrum of startup development services, smooth business processes, and a collaborative mindset to jumpstart any of your initiatives.

Dedicated teams for startup projects

We’re building our corporate culture with one idea in mind: to rewrite the rules of traditional technologies and processes. When working with iTechArt, you will be able to focus on your business while we nail the entire product development lifecycle.

We place a strong emphasis on empowering you with the best products, whatever your requirements may be. No matter what stage your company is working at, our team can easily be scaled up or down to support you in all undertakings.

Just as you run your startup with heart and passion, we are authentic in our enthusiasm and dedication to your ideas and to upholding our values at all costs.

Agile approach
Deep tech expertise
Personal commitment
Time tracking
Regular reporting

Bringing the startup worlds together

As a startup app development company, we emphasize diversity of thought. We want to know what drives you and then dive into your industry to transform your business from the inside out.

You’ll be in good company! iTechArt is a bulletproof startup partner trusted by world's leading companies. We’ve provided dedicated teams for tech companies from top accelerators like Techstars, 500 startups, ERA, Dreamit and Y Combinator.

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Meet the pros of startup product development

We build software dream teams of go-getter developers who stick to industry-leading practices and ignite the startup spirit in everything they do. iTechArt remains a cut above the rest because of our highly experienced technology professionals with extensive experience on projects of any size.

agile_approach Top talents
  1. Hand-picked engineers
  2. Mature, well-developed education system
  3. Low attrition rate – 5.6%
commitment_to_dialogue Commitment to dialogue
  1. Streamlined communication
  2. Latest collaboration approaches and tools
  3. Proven process and best practices
efficiency Efficiency
  1. High coding standards
  2. Deep domain expertise
  3. Seamless integration with clients’ workflow
dynamic engagement model Dynamic engagement model
  1. Rapid kick off and easy scale up
  2. Flexible ramp down
  3. No operating costs

App development for startups: The facts

The big storm of disruption brings with it a tsunami of technologies that need to be kept under control. We know how to tame it.

  1. We are all about full-cycle web app development and creating remarkable solutions with a consistent look and feel along with advanced functionality.
  2. Mobile app development for startups means the world to us. It's your choice whether to go for iOS or Android, but we excel on both counts. By the way, we’ll also help you solve the age-old native vs. cross-platform dilemma.
  3. We provide software testing services at each stage of the product development lifecycle to ensure that every single part of your solution is performing as designed from start to finish. At iTechArt, no bugs are allowed.
  4. With the ultimate goal of delivering end-to-end software products that drive innovation and business value, we’re ready to move forward with your startup, leveraging front-line technologies like DevOps, blockchain, AI and IoT. And we go far beyond that list.
  5. We empower startups in HealthTech, FinTech, Ecommerce, Real Estate, EdTech and other important industries.

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The force of numbers

2002 Delivering top-rated
solutions since
1400+ Dedicated developers
for your projects
200+ Happy clients
working with us
71% Of clients come
through referrals
73% Of staff are Seniors
and Team Leads

Lucky numbers can help you win the jackpot! We’re waiting for you to join the ranks of our top-rated startups. Get ready to meet your brand-new software development team!

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