Artificial Intelligence Development

iTechArt AI brain-team knows how to make your idea expand beyond the limit. From user-defined logic to CapsNet solutions we help to navigate the landscape.

Get extra boost with smart tech brains

  • We have 40+ great engineers with proven track records on robust AI-powered solutions;
  • We can help you apply artificial intelligence algorithms across 30+ domains from fintech to cybersecurity;
  • We know how to identify patterns and behavior of large data and make your solution provide smart predictions when it comes to customer behavior;
  • Whenever the next hot technology pops up on the horizon, we just can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Make your vision a reality

Smart Automation

We provide AI-based software solutions for smarter automation:

  • AI chatbots and apps;
  • Machine Learning programming;
  • Deep learning development;
  • Cloud-based AI models construction;
  • Reinforcement learning programming.

Advanced Security

By going beyond cookie-cutter solutions, we are able to ensure greater product security with:

  • Machine learning models (utilizing decision tree, support vector machine (SVM), random forest, etc);
  • Voice and face recognition enablement;
  • Neural networks programming;
  • Visual search and image recognition.

Enhanced Productivity

We help create human-centric AI-based solutions to increase productivity:

  • Natural language processing and recognition;
  • AI-powered apps;
  • Text-to-Speech;
  • Data science and Big Data.

Effective matchmaking

iTechArt matches your project and team with brilliant talent that boasts technical excellence as well as outstanding soft skills. We make your ideal candidate profiles come true. This is how we start:

Step 1 Once we get to know your needs, we build a team that will best deal with your challenge and put them through a rigorous internal vetting process. Step 2 In 2-3 days, we get back to you with the ideal candidates’ CVs and set up interviews if you feel like some magic is about to happen. Step 3 If the guys are a fit, we can move on. If not, we’ll start over and get this perfect match for you. Step 4 Now meet your all-star team. You are ready to set off.

Technologies we use

We use the latest tools and frameworks in Artificial Intelligence development to help your product hit the market at full force.

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