Artificial Intelligence development

iTechArt’s Artificial Intelligence development services aim to help startups and large-scale businesses transform through machine learning capabilities, NLP, predictive analytics and more. Our dedicated development teams are at the forefront of the engineering innovation and strive to expand your idea beyond the limits.

Our AI services hold the key to a better future

Our wide-ranging experience and smooth processes make us stand out. We believe that well-developed solutions set winners apart from also-rans in the pursuit of success. Accordingly, our company is focused on delivering value with:

Machine Learning Machine Learning development
Machine Learning We develop and deploy Machine Learning algorithms aimed to significantly improve your products and operations.
Chatbots development AI-enhanced chatbots and smart assistants
Chatbots development iTechArt creates AI chatbots and smart assistants that provide human-like experiences and support a sizeable portion of day-to-day tasks.
Natural language processing NLP
Natural language processing Our dev team strives to build robust and flexible AI-powered content analysis solutions that unleash the power of NLP.
Expert systems Expert systems development
Expert systems We love the challenge of developing expert systems that solve domain-specific problems ranging from medical diagnosis to financial management.
Neural networks AI application development
Neural networks Our AI application development team creates neural networks and leverages deep learning techniques to boost your company’s operational performance.
Computer vision Computer vision development
Computer vision We assist your company in creating software designed to help machines process, analyze, and understand images and videos at or above human levels.

Unlock your business value

Backed by world-class Artificial Intelligence engineering and years of cross-domain expertise, our application development team excels at disrupting your existing business practices and delivering state-of-the-art solutions from scratch.

img Ecommerce
  1. AI-assisted recommendation
  2. Speech recognition services
  3. Chat functionality
Banking and finance
  1. Trading solutions
  2. Advisory services
  3. Fraud detection and management
Marketing and sales
  1. Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  2. Content curation solutions
  3. AI-backed personalization
  1. Nursing assistants development
  2. AI-assisted diagnosis
  3. Workflow and administrative management
  1. Personalized learning solutions
  2. Virtual facilitators
  3. Admin tasks automation
Code standard
  1. ES7 and ES6 Ready code
  2. Airbnb-eslint
  3. Flow js
From libraries
  1. Redux-forms
  2. Formsy-React
Testing libraries
  1. Enzyme
  2. Mocha
  3. Chai
  4. Jasmine
Async libraries
  1. Redux-saga
  2. Redux-observables
  3. Redux-think
State management
  1. Redux
  2. Mobx
  1. Webpack
  2. Guip

Get an extra boost with our AI-based solutions

Whatever the size and complexity of your AI app, our team has the right tools and capabilities to get the job done. We plan ahead to develop a robust and full-fledged Artificial Intelligence solution to save you a lot of time and effort.

Reimagining AI infrastructure

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as emerging technological game-changers, we’re embracing the new rules of the game to help your company leap ahead of the competition and exploit Artificial Intelligence to the fullest extent.
  1. Deep learning development
  2. Cloud-based AI models construction
  3. Reinforcement learning programming

Caring about advanced security

Artificial Intelligence will underpin cyber security and help businesses track and fight possible risks. By going beyond cookie-cutter solutions, we are able to ensure greater product security with:
  1. Machine learning models (utilizing decision tree, support vector machine (SVM), random forest, etc)
  2. Voice and face recognition enablement
  3. Visual search and image recognition

Bringing new intelligence to your company

Our tech focus helps us engage the best talent. Whenever the next hot technology pops up on the tech horizon, our dedicated development teams just can’t wait to get their hands on it.
  1. 100+ engineers with proven track records
  2. 20+ AI industries, from Fintech to cybersecurity
  3. 30+ successfully finished projects

AI development tools we use

Being an Artificial Intelligence development company, we are committed to results. We take on the most challenging endeavors and do not rest until the solution works like clockwork. To achieve this goal, we use the latest tools and frameworks to help your product hit the market at full force.

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Google Cloud
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Let’s enable the AI era of change

As an Artificial Intelligence development company, we collaborate closely with our clients for all-round implementation of AI business solutions - from gathering requirements to user training and iterative imrovement.

Proposal Artificial Intelligence experts AI Proposal
In-depth analysis Research Analysis of your requirements
talent.png talent_hover.png talent_active.png
STEP#3Engaging with
a team
launch.png launch_hover.png launch_active.png
and testing
talent.png talent_hover.png talent_active.png
STEP#5Model monitoring
STEP#1Proposal Our Artificial Intelligence experts dive into your business case and expectations around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, gathering enough data to build a fast and smooth development algorithm. STEP#2Research We conduct in-depth analysis of your requirements, coming up with a precise definition of the future solution and high-level criteria for testing to ensure the end result performs the way it should. STEP#3Engaging with
a team
After reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, you build a dedicated development team fully ready to go through the process of designing, building, and launching your AI app.
and testing
Your team adopts the disruptive mindset of your company and makes the application development process lean and mean, ensuring that your solution is properly integrated with your current and 3rd party applications.
STEP#5Model monitoring iTechArt’s Artificial Intelligence team continuously perfect the product during the post-production stage, managing your company’s workflow and scaling when it is needed.

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