DevOps as a Service

iTechArt makes the most of DevOps practices to help clients deliver a flow of new features in complex, fast-growing projects without sacrificing infrastructure capacities and production environment.

Why iTechArt’s DevOps are hot

There’re many great things about our DevOps services, but here is what you’ll like the most:

Agile, continuous software delivery. We bring together development, testing, operations and feedback in a single, iterative workflow so that you can roll out new features faster while ensuring world-class stability of your production environment. More collaboration between the teams, less bad code, less firefighting.

Faster response to changes. With agile delivery comes your ability to quickly address rapidly evolving customer and market demands as well as improve the software at the highest rate possible.

Automated QA and testing. To speed up feature deployment, we speed up testing. We take an integrated approach where quality is everyone’s responsibility and is firmly connected to continuous development, build and deployment.

Transparent development process. As we remove the boundaries between the traditional silos of development, testing and operations and keep you in the loop, you can have full visibility into the progress, identify issues earlier and plan more efficiently.

Practices and tools we use

Continuous integration and delivery. We merge code changes into the testing/production environment several times a day, which allows for streamlined communication, feedback and problem-solving, and thus shorter time to market.

Microservices. We build a large application out of small services running independently and communicating with each another through HTTP-based APIs or other protocols. By doing so, we can efficiently isolate faults and extend the functionality without affecting the rest of the software.

Infrastructure as code. We use version control and CI to automatically set up and configure infrastructure elements, such as the OS, host, and operational tasks, thus reducing the time spent on repeated manual operations.

Policy as code. We also automate security compliance monitoring and enforcement to quickly detect non-compliant resources and make sure that the infrastructure meets security standards like PCI-DSS or HIPAA.

Monitoring and logging. We proactively track metrics and logs to see how the product and infrastructure affect end-user experiences, prevent issues and errors, and optimize our services.

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