IoT software development

For us, there’s nothing unconnectable. We build powerful and secure IoT ecosystems with deep analytical layers that deliver value to consumers and enterprises alike.

We’re found wherever IoT is taking hold

We’ve been partnering with tomorrow’s front runners of the global IoT market just like you, turning their stripped-down ideas into MVPs and full-fledged systems. From IoT classics like smart light bulbs to complex industrial IoT applications, we can build a solution to match your business pitch:

Smart home<br> & office
Smart home & office
Medical IoT
Medical IoT
Data-driven facility</br> management
Data-driven facility management
Energy<br> management
Energy management

Wearables<br> & office
Personalized advertising
Personalized advertising
In-store shopping systems
In-store shopping systems
Frictionless payments
Frictionless payments

You have an idea, we do the rest

Device connectivity & networking We enable connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and NFC. It includes IoT programming of sensors across all connectable devices.

Mobile and web API development Coming with thoroughly designed UX/UI for all screens, the options include voice control and image recognition. If you’d love to integrate a third-party API, just pick one and we’ll make sure it’s there.

Сloud deployment Cloud is the place to be for IoT data storage and processing. We’re pro at setting up cloud-based architectures to bring in advanced scalability, security and accessibility.

Data analytics IoT is where data gets big indeed, that’s why we build in custom or third-party analytical tools so that no bit of valuable data sits unused.

Maintenance Post-release, we’ll work to provide your end users with the latest app versions to sustain the ultimate fault-free performance and security.

Blockchain & AI We wouldn’t be an IoT development company if we didn’t dive into the latest tech. Here’s how we can offer tamper-proof and trainable IoT systems based on blockchain and machine learning.

Our approach to IoT projects

  • Technology consulting first: To cut time-to-market and uncover the true value of your solution, we’ll help you define the stack, from the core platforms to frameworks, libraries and tools.
  • Emulators if not real things: We prefer to work with the connectable hardware directly, but when it’s not possible we have no hard time building authentic emulators for that job.
  • Advanced security: This is the pillar of our approach to IoT app development, from essential data encryption to identity and access management.
  • Interoperability unlocked: Platform fragmentation and technical standardization are no challenges for us. We make all connectable devices communicate with each other, consistently.
  • Eye for the future: It’s our rule to make solutions scalable and flexible, so that you have no problem with expanding your user base later.
  • Growing at your pace: If starting small looks like your option, we have the talent pool to scale the team up when your project gains traction.

Featured works

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