Test automation

Imagine hundreds of tests working their socks off across browsers and devices while you enjoy the night out with friends. Sounds like a no-puzzler, huh?

Our automated testing services

Whether it’s web, mobile or desktop, we ensure full-cycle automated software testing with a particular focus on your specific goals. Here is what iTechArt’s QA automation experts can do for you once on board your team:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Functional testing
  • API testing
  • Web services testing
  • UI testing
  • Test audit and optimization consulting
  • Product audit and test automation strategy

Take the lead with iTechArt

  • Quick start: Using our predeveloped accelerators, we can launch automated testing in just a few days. No time wasted on building a framework from scratch. No setup stretched over a month.
  • Easy-to-read and well-documented tests: Each of our tests comes with comprehensible comments so that even non-techies can easily get the point.
  • Flexibility to product changes: With test frameworks and scripts at the core, our test automation solutions are immune to any modification in the code. No need to rewrite the tests from the ground up. We just tweak the framework, and it’s good to go on.
  • Continuous integration always in place: For every project, we set up a CI system for the tests to run automatically once a change in the repository is committed, with no headache on your side.
  • Huge mobile testing lab: We’ve got every damn mobile device to make sure we detect bugs where emulators simply can’t.

Our toolkit

iTechArt exploits the latest tools and frameworks to help you get the most of test automation for your software:

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jUnit 5

Tools/Frameworks: Selenium, Cucumber, SpecFlow, WatiN, JUnit, NUnit, Appium, SoapUI, MS Visual Studio
Continuous Integration: MS Visual Studio TFS, TeamCity, Atlassian Bamboo, Jenkins, CruiseControl
Reporting: Tag Bus Data

Featured works

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