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Tap into iTechArt’s dedicated Angular developers and teams, all packed up and ready to go after your challenge.

What makes iTechArt your go-to Angular development company

  • A good grasp: with over 50 Angular development projects across multiple industries behind our backs, we’ve mastered all the capabilities and limitations of this tech.
  • On the cutting edge: since Angular’s inception in 2010, we’ve been keeping up with the framework’s latest and greatest while appreciating what has proven to be stable so far.
  • Motivated, proactive project team: based on the requirements, we single out the devs who are most qualified for the task, and intrigued by the idea of working on your product.

We’ve learned Angular the right way


Quick start

Simple and declarative templates, a wide range of components — Angular’s got all we need to get going fast

Improved productivity

With Angular components always following the same structure, we can create reusable, testable and maintainable code


We’ve got a good understanding of the framework’s Lego-like architecture in order to make the most of the modular design

Better code

We take advantage of the killer combination of Angular and TypeScript to write clean code and detect errors earlier in the development lifecycle

We really go that extra mile

With iTechArt, you don’t simply hire additional Angular developers to beef up your team. Why would you? Instead, you get access to a 200+ experts’ worth of frontend knowledge for you to move around any obstacle and take your project to the next level. Both tech- and business-wise. That’s how your nice-to-haves get a new, a little bit perfectionist twist.

Part of the bigger picture

Our Angular expertise comes in especially handy as part of the MEAN stack, as we can ensure unrivaled flexibility, relying on a single language — JavaScript — on both ends. However, we know one size never fits all and Angular is not a silver bullet. When it’s not the right choice, with iTechart you have some good options here.

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