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iTechArt uses Go for building simple, reliable, and efficient software.

The next generation programming language

Go, also known as Golang, is an open source programming language created at Google. iTechArt stays on top of all the latest technology trends, and we believe Go is the next big thing. If you are looking to hire a development team that is full of Golang experts, we can help.

Why Go is so awesome

  • Highly concurrent. Go was designed with concurrency in mind. It features goroutines instead of threads, and you can spin millions of goroutines at any time.
  • Easy to develop, easy to maintain. Go is a very simple and succinct language.
  • Excellent performance. Speed is one of the greatest benefits of Golang. Go runs directly on underlying hardware.
  • Google. We know this is not a direct technical advantage. But, Go is designed and supported by Google. Google has one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world and it is scaled massively.
  • Dropbox, Google, SoundCloud, Couchbase, Uber, Adobe, BBC, IBM, and Intel are all using Go.

Our Golang developers are highly skilled

We love writing code with Go, but language is not the only thing that our Go developers utilize in the development process. Here are some of technologies that we use to build excellent software:

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