Node.js development

Building real-time, data-intensive web solutions for our fast-growing clients.

Early adopters

Our JavaScript enthusiasts started playing around with Node.js as soon as they got their hands on it in 2010. It didn’t take long before they turned into hardcore evangelists, as the tool gave them the long-awaited superpower to do more with less. Today, as a Node.js development company, we use this skill to build real-time, data-intensive web solutions for our fast-growing clients.

Why the hell would you use Node?

Node has been the technology of choice for companies like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Netflix and Uber, and here’s why:

  • Scalability. When your product has to deal with gazillions of requests, Node won’t crack. Well, if you know how to use it right. Here at iTechArt, we sure do.
  • Fast and agile development. You use a common language, JavaScript, for both the backend and the frontend. No switching all the time. Write once, run everywhere.
  • High performance. With its asynchronous I/O operations, Node offers unrivaled application speed, which is just what our startup clients need to succeed with their products.

Our Node.js know-how

We use a wealth of robust frameworks and libraries to streamline Node.js application development and help our clients move really fast. Here are just a few of them:

Express logo Meteor logo Koa logo Sails.js logo

MEAN/MERN stack experts

iTechArt has mastered Node.js development services as part of the MEAN/ MERN stack expertise, which also includes MongoDB, Express, and AngularJS or React. Bringing together these powerful tools, we pull off our best JavaScript combos to build modern, end-to-end web product from the ground up.

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