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As a Ruby on Rails development company, iTechArt helps startups and emerging midsize companies build successful web products set out to grow fast.

Faster, fitter, better product development with RoR

We choose Rails because it’s not only mainstream and cool but incredibly powerful to deliver robust solutions with shorter time to market and increased scalability.

For this very reason, companies like Scribd, Groupon, Basecamp and many others have built their outstanding products and services using RoR. So it looks like you’re in a pretty good company, huh?

Why RoR is on fire

  • Faster development: Rails allows us to build an awesome, feature-rich web solution as quickly as no other framework ever could. With RoR, custom software development is not a luxury anymore.
  • Faster iteration: thanks to Rails, we can test your product’s new features early in development and address feedback on the fly.
  • Streamlined testing automation: our RoR application development experts can always stay alert to product imperfections before they ever reach the user.
  • Easier integration: as your business grows, RoR’s RESTful architecture will ensure painless interaction between your application and the outside world.
  • Increased security: with Rails built-in security tools, your data and users are safe at each point. This way, we can focus on enhancing the business logic and creating amazing new features instead of leveraging security from scratch.

Top Ruby talent on board

Great RoR developers are hard to find, but we’ve gone through fire and tons of Red Bull to gather the brightest Ruby minds in town under one roof. And we do our best to keep them loyal and happy at all times. So when it comes to a new great gig, their startup mentality and Rails tremendous productivity make a killer match.

Now, it’s high time we put your product on Rails and got it moving like a crazy train!

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