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We stan all things custom software development. iTechArt integrates seamlessly as a part of your company and joins forces to keep up with the pace, scale, and digitization of your specific domain.

WebOur team works at the intersection of bold concepting and operational excellence to create full-fledged web applications. iTechArt surely has that secret ingredient to spice up your solution.CloudIf you’re considering migrating or building mission-critical apps for cloud environments, count us in. You’ll get a full control over your infrastructure, we’ll act as your sidekicks. That’s a win.MobileWhether native, hybrid or cross-platform, we hold our mobile app development to the highest standards. We ensure your application won’t flash across a user’s screen and just disappear — we help it get a spot on the main screen.Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum

Core values we live by

Hey, we are super pumped to meet you, future friend. Make sure iTechArt’s team is a close-knit software family, so you’ll be treated accordingly. And this is why we’re entrusting you some of our golden rules.

Find and retain high potentialOut of 14832 interviews, we hired only 10% to assemble a team of 1400+ seasoned engineers. We care much about work culture and upgrade options, so these special ones grow and stay with your company as long as you need them.10%Hired candidates5.6%Low attrition rateAlways stay in syncAverage search of a candidate takes up to 2 months. We need only 2 weeks to find and onboard your dedicated gang, swaying to your insane rhythm and embracing your workflow.24hFirst vetted CVs2Weeks to kick offFit like the last puzzle pieceWe ramped up our teams with diverse strengths, interests, and engineering backgrounds to deliver truly versatile products. Your perfect match is here at iTechArt.100%n-demand tech skills covered30+Industries we operate inFocus onoutcomes, not outputOur engineers never cross the line from “fan” to “fanatic”. Their hearts race not because of the number of hours spent at a desk or lines of code, but results they bring to the table.2.5+Avg years clients stay with us$2BOur clients raised collectively

Meet your goal

For our developers it could be work, but the best thing is that they love what we do so it doesn’t really seem that way. They are the types who eagerly jump on grenades rather than run from them. Too bold? Not quite. Coming oh-so-close to meeting your targets is just not our frame of mind, we hit them right between the eyes.mobile_imageGet inspiredPotential candidates pass an army-like background check for us to be sure they’re able to complete your missions on time and in line with users’ or investors’ vision.Get inspiredGet inspired gifSet upWe get back to you with the first thoroughly prescreened CVs. You interview future team members to find those who always strive to be at the front of the pack.Set upSet upKick-offYour brand-new engineering powerhouses work back-to-back with you to put your solution in motion. A nice little bonus is that what happens in iTechArt never stays here — you get updates when you want it.Kick-offKick-off gifKeep runningFresh off the release, we scale your team upon your product’s increasing success. And you better get used to those starry-eyed looks giving you a hint guys have another great idea to share.Keep runningKeep running
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Our team is a bulletproof partner for the world’s leading fast tech companies from top accelerators like Techstars, 500 startups, ERA, Dreamit and Y Combinator. Unrivaled commitment is infused across every service to hold your back whenever you need it.

1400+Engineers in total2400+Engineers in total 23400+Engineers in total 3

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