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Our market-leading banking software development services help you thrive in the digital economy and meet your bank’s existing and future transformation challenges.
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Making the right investment: Why is digital important for banks?

Momentum for tech change in the banking industry has been building for years — and for banks willing to catch up with the competition, the time to act is now. In fact, McKinsey’s research says financial institutions can achieve a 45% improvement in net profits and drive up to 37% more annual revenue by implementing advanced technologies.

But simply adopting new technologies isn’t enough. Banks need to become more relevant, realizing the limitless power of digital and building a business model that truly puts the customer first.

That’s where iTechArt comes in. Regardless of where your bank is on its digital transformation journey, we offer the right services and guidance to empower you to win in today's—and tomorrow’s — digital economy.

The banking experience reimagined

iTechArt empowers finance companies of all types and sizes to digitize their ecosystem to become an agile, data-driven, and customer-focused organization.

Banking solutions to realize your full potential

Working across industries, we’ve put together a holistic set of custom banking software solutions aimed to meet your unique needs and business goals.

Online banking apps

Provide your clients access to their personal information anytime, anywhere in just a few taps in a mobile app.

Trading platforms

Get real-time insights into the trading market with the help of trading solutions equipped with analytics, AI and ML.

Customer portals

Deliver secure digital experiences with all-in-one customer portals — secure storage spaces for sharing important documents and mission-critical data.

Digital wallets

Build next-gen digital payment experiences, all within a single wallet enabling instant P2P payments, contactless payments (NFC, QR), digital loans, savings, insurance, airtime top-up, etc.

Payment gateway solutions

Deliver up-to-date payments experiences that drive new brand value and economic uplift through our payment gateway solutions.

Data analytics systems

Gather, process, and analyze complex data sets that contain both structured and unstructured data to mitigate all possible financial risks and help make key business decisions.


Establish a customer-centric business model by creating instant reports, sending personalized emails, storing customer data in one place, etc.

Our banking software development services

Custom solution development
We design software solutions that can be tailored to fit every bank’s particular needs — analytics, case management, dashboard capabilities, and more.
Legacy system modernization
Our engineers help banking companies move from legacy platforms to solutions built on cloud and other modern digital technologies, preserving the value of your existing business rules.
UI/UX revamp
iTechArt designers fully redesign your banking apps to achieve a more engaging user experience and integrate innovation into your existing solution.
Cloud enablement
Our software development team helps our banking clients innovate at speed and scale, grow revenue, and deliver

Create new banking customer experiences

Leveraging new technologies, we enable banks to gain valuable, timely insights into their operations, customer success, and existing competition — that results in better efficiency and a greater return on investment.


Blockchain brings greater transparency to the banking industry, allowing transactions to be made in real-time and money to be exchanged instantly. By using blockchain technology, you can also optimize the costs of the financial infrastructure as it removes an entire layer of overhead dedicated to confirming authenticity.


With AR and VR technology, you can create virtual digital bank branches, provide best-in-class virtual training and assistance, offer virtual trading experiences, and more.


We leverage AI to offer banks personalized customer recommendations, facial recognition for easy payments, aggregated view of day-to-day activities, saving and investment tips, etc.

Data science and machine learning

Our team makes the most of data science and ML to provide an array of capabilities across fraud detection, personalized marketing, risk modeling, recommendation engines, and lifetime value prediction.


Banking companies can use IoT to boost decision-making through process automation, customize customer service, and enhance safety and on-site line management.

Compliance risk management made easy

Covering all crucial regulatory standards

We operate in line with the three major international data security standards — Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) 27001, and SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP).

Future-oriented compliance services

We assist banking companies in keeping up with ever-changing regulatory requirements and industry practices, building a flexible

Сompliance process implementation
Regulatory readiness review
Risk and control assessment
Compliance transaction testing
Compliance due diligence support

Why iTechArt

Rich fintech expertise

  • Experience in best-in-class trading platforms (FX, Fixed Income, OTC Derivatives, Futures, Bonds), advanced monitoring tools, decision support, etc.
  • High coding standards and seamless integration with clients’ workflow

Client-first processes

  • Only 2 weeks from intro call to kick-off.
  • Unique solutions in line with your specific business requirements
  • Focus on transparent communication and responsiveness

Commitment to results

  • 100+ fintech projects successfully executed
  • 500+ clients have made their choice to work with iTechArt
  • 3500+ experienced engineers

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