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Redefine your retail and corporate banking customer experience with iTechArt's mobile banking app solutions. Speed up transaction processing, build loyalty, and drive profitable growth, while adapting to the changing needs of the global economy.
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Key benefits of mobile banking apps

Around two billion people worldwide enjoy the conveniences of mobile banking apps. Beyond a simple commodity, bank account holders now expect their banks to provide mobile banking app services and their associated benefits, such as:

24/7 support and accessibility
Online banking enables any client to be served at any time, anywhere, including through highly automated support systems such as AI-powered chatbots.
Improved customer experience
A lean, well-crafted mobile banking app is miles ahead of ATMs or classic internet banking when it comes to UX, personalization, and intuitive interface it can provide.
Time and cost reduction
Online banking is a win-win. It allows account holders to avoid visiting banks in person, while empowering financial establishments to eliminate the need to hire additional staff and save money on printing and delivery as well as other operational costs.
In the digital banking world, security is a top priority. The best mobile banking apps follow strict safety guidelines, industry regulations, and compliance to ensure all sensitive data is protected and monitored by reliable security protocols.

Our mobile banking app development services

Backed by two decades of expertise, we enable your banking institution to move omnichannel and deliver highly customizable, device-aware solutions that will help you thrive in the digital economy
Custom mobile banking app development
We plan, prototype, and help you kick off world-class mobile banking applications that suit your needs regardless of platform or market.
Anti-fraud modeling and security enhancement
Our team selects, deploys, and operates best-fit security technologies to help you minimize risk, detect and mitigate vulnerabilities, and grow your business with confidence.
System architecture development
In line with today’s fintech reality, our engineers craft your IT systems to be fast, robust, flexible, and most importantly, scalable.
UI/UX design
From product discovery through ideation to UI design and user testing, we pay great attention to the front end, creating apps that are intuitive, user-friendly, and highly engaging.
Support and maintenance
Whenever needed, our engineers are on duty to audit and execute maintenance checks that guarantee an always stable application.

What financial institutions need mobile banking apps?

Large and mid-size banks
Empower your clients to access more payment options and discover the right financial services in a more convenient way regardless of their location, while improving your ROI and customer acquisition.
Credit unions
Handling checks takes time. Offer a more flexible service, allowing your customers to securely view accounts, transfer funds, and deposit checks by taking a photo — all within a single app.

Our mobile banking app development process, step by step

Build and verify a prototype
First, we listen to your needs and use our expertise to craft a prototype and test our assumptions.
Lay the groundwork for security
Our engineers employ industry-recognized security protocols and safeguards to monitor and prevent any malicious activities.
Code the app
At this stage, we put tech excellence and innovation at the heart of your mobile banking app, taking care of the up-to-date stack and core functionality.
Integrate with third-party solutions
Our customized approach allows us to seamlessly integrate any third-party providers you desire to improve the quality of your app and the experience it provides.
Release and refinement
Our work isn’t done once the solution goes live. Our teams will be around whenever needed to check and perform maintenance tasks that keep the system functioning as intended — and even better.
Build and verify a prototype
Lay the groundwork for security
Code the app
Integrate with third-party solutions
Release and refinement

Mobile banking features that shouldn't be missed

Some features must be present in a mobile banking application no matter what. Others vary according to your specific business goals and requirements. We make no distinction: every feature will bring value to all stakeholders involved.

Must-have features

  • Balance and transactions
  • Payments
  • Card management
  • Check deposit
  • Expense tracking

    Advanced features

    • Cardless ATM functionality -Cardless ATM technology makes physical cards unnecessary for ATM withdrawals.
    • AI-powered chatbots - AI has improved by leaps and bounds over the last decade. In-app chatbots are now a mandatory asset that assists customers in real-time while keeping your support team lean.
    • Real-time analytics - Data generated by your mobile banking app can be invaluable. We extend the capabilities of your mobile banking app with real-time analytics so you can deliver a more personalized customer experience and accelerate speed to service.

    Why iTechArt

    Next-level teamwork

    • Top-level professionals selected to meet your business demands
    • Flexible projects scope and cooperating models
    • Solutions for all major platforms and systems

    Lightning-fast results

    • 2 weeks from contract to kick-off
    • The industry’s lowest attrition rate — 5.6%
    • 30% less time to market

    A proven track record

    • 200+ fintech projects successfully executed
    • 19% of developer resources dedicated to fintech
    • $1.5B in funding raised by fintech clients

    Innovate faster with cutting-edge technologies

    We help you leverage the capabilities of the innovative technologies to the fullest, bringing more efficiency and flexibility to your core banking operations and going far beyond standard automation.

    AI and ML

    Neural networks, natural language processing, and beyond — we employ vast facets of AI tech to provide tangible solutions to your company, from easy-to-use chatbots to complex decision-making algorithms.

    Big data

    With our big data services, you’re perfectly positioned to unlock unique data-driven insights, accelerating financial reporting, mitigating risks, and improving compliance.


    Near-limitless in its potential applications, blockchain systems can help you streamline risk assessment, prevent ID fraud, facilitate efficient money transfer as well as optimize storage costs.

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