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Today’s competitive markets demand a clearly defined digital strategy. iTechArt’s fintech experts help you to better maximize profits throughout the lifecycle of financial investments, transforming your company’s bottom line. It’s all about leveraging analytics processes.

With every client engagement, our strategic advisors and engineers bring years of work across asset classes to the table.

Fixed Income
Sovereign Debt

Settlement and clearing systems

The settlement and clearing cycles in capital markets are speeding up across the board; what used to take three days to settle will soon take just one. Firms that don’t embrace fintech in the face of this dramatic shift do so at their peril.
iTechArt’s financial technology experts can help you navigate these changes. Together, we put a plan in place for digital financial services that maximize investments in capital markets and optimize wealth management.
Partner with iTechArt talent and you’ll tap their deep understanding of the nuances of diverse fintech platforms and technology stacks as well as of regulatory compliance.
We’re accustomed to working with both technical and operations groups to build a secure infrastructure that fully supports your business model and drives profits.
Our fintech experts have collaborated with a host of clearing firms to design and deploy new products and improved technical solutions. Working hand-in-hand with an array of financial firms, we’ve refined existing systems that aggregate and process instructions which allows for a more efficient use of capital.

Wealth management

Today’s wealth management strategies require sophisticated investment technology and technology stacks that can keep pace with all of the players in the sector — and with the expectations of customers who are now accustomed to nimble asset management.
Wealth management and trading platforms have changed considerably over the past decade. Transactions take mere seconds now, and that pace of data flow demands that firms keep up. Digitization of customer communication and CRM systems that improve the entire sales process are requisite to success for any player in the sector.
Robo-advisors and robo-asset management, fueled by AI, are key to investment technology, playing a major role in analyzing and executing trades.
Powerful investment technology underpins algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading – they’re must-haves in today’s capital markets.
Tech consulting for capital markets
It all starts with a conversation. Our financial technology advisors and seasoned consultants help take your fintech project from ideation to creation, from strategy to pixel-perfect software. We’ll roadmap the entire development lifecycle, provide consulting on scaling your teams and infrastructure, and equip you with the engineers — and answers — you need to tackle your project head-on.

Asset issuance

As companies across industries digitize a process that previously required investment banks, they’re ultimately saving money. Sophisticated platforms allow companies to skip the middleman and go straight to the public with their offerings.
Fintech solutions help firms integrate with the process of bringing new assets and securities to the market; they can streamline documentation and legal processes with AI and automate regulatory filings and reporting processes.
As crypto and NFTs gain traction in the global economy and financial services, companies leverage underlying blockchain and distributed ledgers to expand their offerings. Digitization of assets requires a deep understanding of the value of creating tokens that are stored on public blockchain networks and are freely exchanged.
New primary issuance strategies still need to follow the requirements of regulations and compliance; meeting those requirements can be built into your financial technology solution.

Retail and institutional trading systems

Digital tools such as mobile apps, websites, and AI are all transforming broker-dealer platforms, which in turn has a transformative effect on trading, wealth management, and investment banking.
In the face of this transformation, both retail and institutional clients expect and demand more types of exchanges, more information sources, more asset classes, and more products. Meeting those demands can be costly and requires robust cost/benefit analysis.

Regulatory and compliance

Any financial technology software solution will have a host of regulatory and compliance requirements that aren’t directly related to business goals; our team knows how to incorporate meeting those requirements into the solution, starting with planning and design.
Whether it’s a matter of ensuring security standards required by SCI are in place or that your onboarding process properly addresses AML and KYC requirements, iTechArt experts can help. We’ve worked with a range of fintech companies, from startups to large money center banks, so we know just how much requirements can vary depending upon the product and the sector; in addition to AML and KYC, bank stress tests and complex capital analysis are in our wheelhouse.
Moreover, iTechArt fintech specialists have deep experience navigating regulatory environments in both Europe and the Americas.


Ensuring that your firm, including your clients’ data, is fully protected is a crucial part of any financial technology solution. All software we build is a fortress in terms of data security; from design onward, our software solutions feature must-have components that fend off cyber attacks, hacking, and data theft.
In the US alone, by law, an array of requirements that address banking secrecy, money laundering, data privacy, and affiliate marketing must be incorporated into any fintech software build. In Europe, the rules and expectations with regards to security are often different, and we’re every bit as vigilant about ensuring that your custom software solution is secure.

Front-office and back-office process automation

We build front-office software that engages your customers with automated content like sales trading research and sales tracking systems, both of which can be key to a successful customer-facing website that attracts and retains customers. Whether it’s a better charting system, a user-friendly investment performance tracking tool, or a news feed that surfaces relevant stories, we can build a solution that stokes brand loyalty among your customers.
Similarly, with back-office fintech solutions, we design with your business needs top-of-mind with respect to the settlement process and clearing.
For example, we can integrate a system to automatically address corporate actions or integrate cash management functions that improve the user experience.
The way we look at it, automation of back-office processes helps clients devote more resources to envisioning and building new products and features that financial customers will find appealing.

Investment evaluation, performance, and analytics

Deep understanding of market risk and the performance of portfolios is key to your business outcomes and customer investment goals. iTechArt’s fintech experts design, engineer, and deploy software solutions that can execute on your vision. Need an innovative stock screener or portfolio analyzer, or an entirely new investment evaluation product that takes a customer’s risks and exposures into account? We can build it.

Wealth management FAQs

What differentiates iTechArt’s approach to wealth management and capital markets?

We have both high-level strategic advisors and senior engineers at the ready, all of whom have years of experience building fintech products, including those for major players like Gain Capital/Forex, Upvest, and Streetshares. Together, these experts know how to ask the right questions and zero in finding solutions to our clients’ thorniest challenges.

How do you ensure data security in your custom wealth management software?

Encryption and two-factor authentication are just two of the many must-have security features we include with every wealth management product we build. We also do comprehensive penetration and firewall testing to assess how your network performs. Rigorous testing evaluates the security of the code and ensures proper access and controls, using repositories and risk in open source. We also make sure your downloads can’t be decoded and used for nefarious purposes.

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