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Sometimes you need advice. Our fintech consultants have been down this road before and know the fastest route to your destination, free of roadblocks. Rely on us for insights on what works and what doesn’t — and how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
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Financial technology doesn’t look the same for every company. Some companies operate within the fintech sector whereas for others, fintech is embedded — it works in tandem with any number of other business functions.

Bring our advisors in to review a fintech app idea you have or what you’ve built and we can tell you what makes the most sense to propel you forward, whether you’re a startup that needs to scale or a company with a decades-long track record that needs to optimize its digital platforms and systems. Our job is to identify where the challenge lies and then show you the way forward.

iTechArt fintech consultants advise clients on:

High-level strategy
We are experts in deploying diverse technologies that are core to fintech, including security, data analytics, AI, encryption, and blockchain. We also offer strategy consulting if you are not yet ready to decide on which financial technology to deploy.
Business growth & expansion
Our fintech experts can help you identify missed opportunities, like new or additional products and services that can meet your customers’ needs.
Process & operations
New and existing processes and operations become more valuable when our management consulting identifies how they can operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
Infrastructure & cloud migration
Sometimes it takes the expert eye of an outside consultancy to help identify what needs to change in your infrastructure to support modernization and scaling your business. If you have existing on-prem infrastructure and need help assessing cloud providers, we have deep experience in cloud migration and optimization.

Financial technology strategies to consider

Our fintech consulting practice can help you find the best path forward with a host of products and strategies, including:

Go-to-Market Strategy

If you have a good idea or a minimal viable product but you’re not sure how to launch it, our advisory services can help figure out a smart strategy so you take your market by storm from the get-go.

Requirements & Features

Uncertain about what exactly your product needs to deliver in terms of business processes, or are you unclear about how to prioritize the features you do have in mind? Tap our technology consulting practice to determine and document the functional requirements of your product

Architecture Assessment

The high-level architecture of your fintech solution is key to your company’s ability to expand and grow in the future. iTechArt fintech advisors can assess how your technology is being deployed now so you can make necessary improvements in the future.

Point-of-Sale Gateways

Tap our expert consultancy to determine what sales gateway makes the most sense for you — or if a bespoke solution is the best fit.


Our financial technology experts can evaluate your system to identify weaknesses in security — and help you plan for robust protection as you scale down the line.

Streamlined Accounting

Do your current systems need to be integrated into your accounting system? Our advisory and consulting services can identify what tools you can rely on for integration and build a roadmap to get you there.

Vendor Assessment & Selection

Assessing third-party options can be overwhelming. Leave it to our fintech experts to determine which vendors and platforms are the best fit for your project.

Build vs Buy vs Hybrid Approaches

Build? Buy? Both? Get a fintech consultant’s comparison of the time, expense, speed, and ease-of-use of multiple digital products and solutions so you can determine whether an out-of-the-box, custom, or hybrid solution is right for your company.

quote authorAndrew Haines, Head of Fintech

“While we know what’s possible in terms of fintech software solutions, we start every advisory engagement with a free-ranging discussion about your business and product goals. Looking at a range of inputs and potential growth plans, our fintech consulting can help you identify what technologies can support efficient processes and be easily adapted as your business needs change. Whether or not you’re aiming for full-on industry disruption or an innovative overhaul to an existing business process, we bring industry expertise, fintech savvy, and critical thinking to the table.”

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How digital transformation is reshaping the insurance industry

As is the case in banking and finance, innovation has dramatically changed the insurance industry. “Insurtech” leverages advanced financial technology that relies on AI, IoT, telematics, robotic process automation, and cloud computing to modernize operations and incorporate advanced analytics. Mobile-first technology in insurtech can also vastly improve the customer experience.

Thwarting fintech security threats at the mobile application layer

Biometric authentication is fast becoming a gold standard for technology that defends against fraud, with financial institutions, banks, smartphone manufacturers, and payment processing firms working together to protect consumers. Advanced analytics and AI/ML are also key to detecting suspicious transactions and irregular data patterns.

How big data is transforming banking

Big data is key to the digital transformation process, and the data analytics market is projected to top $62B by 2025. The financial services industry is repository to at least one exabyte (1 billion gigabytes) of stored data, meaning that financial institutions need to be aggressive about regulatory compliance on a massive scale.

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