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Disruption drives fintech. We work closely with startups and tech giants to build financial software that rides the wave of innovation — always infused with lean business logic, intuitive UX, and advanced security.
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Our financial software development services

When it comes to financial software development, outstanding performance is the name of the game. We create scalable, stable solutions that address both technological and business challenges.
Staff augmentation
iTechArt’s dedicated teams have one goal: Getting it done. Our engineers are deadline-oriented and work seamlessly with yours.
Custom solutions
Share your requirements with our team and we’ll take it from there. Depending on your needs, iTechArt’s custom fintech software solutions cover all stages of the app lifecycle, from strategizing to UI/UX design to deployment.
Fintech consulting
Our consulting practice is driven by data and strategy. We can get you on the path toward creating financial software that meets the complex needs of banking and trading.
API integration
Our fintech software is built to adapt. We offer API and system integration services that allow you to integrate and manage multiple third-party solutions simultaneously. The result? New customers and accelerated growth.
Digital transformation
Looking for a digital overhaul? We can update your current system swiftly and easily so your business reaps the benefits of financial software, including advanced automation. That means sustainable growth and increased profits.
Cloud migration
With iTechArt fintech software development experts by your side, you can shift from on-premises legacy solutions to full-fledged cloud and hybrid infrastructures. That leads to increased flexibility and resilience, as well as better compliance and security.

Fintech unleashed

Our robust, reliable fintech solutions meet business and real-life needs with an integrated approach. No matter if you’re creating a solution for personal or corporate finance — as a software development company, our deliverables transform financial management and improve the bottom line.
Investment management
  • Our fintech software products leverage quantitative and predictive analytics to assess risk, positioning, and asset value for optimal investments for any portfolio.
Investment firms
  • Financial forecasting apps craft a profit-based budget strategy.
  • Trading apps enable goal tracking and back-office reporting for traders and investors.
  • Payment apps provide investment managers with full control over the payment process.
Credit establishments
  • Payment processing software streamlines the payment process and allows individuals and companies to receive credit automatically.
  • Budgeting apps provide 360-degree visibility into spending and saving habits.
  • Risk management software analyzes, evaluates, and mitigates emerging financial risks.
Financial data institutions
  • Bookkeeping software tracks expenses and profits, sends invoices and receives payments, runs reports, and organizes receipts — all in one app.
  • Financial platforms unify the entire functionality of cross-border payments, forex trading, and accounting.
Fintech companies
  • Payment gateways instantly accept and manage online payments.
  • Tax management software automate payroll filings and tax payments.
Loan firms
  • Lending software automates and manages the loan lifecycle to simplify and increase ROI.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending software offers users flexible and affordable funding solutions.

Tackle your unique challenges

Enhance customer experience
Keeping up with and exceeding ever-changing customer needs is crucial for success. Our fintech software development specialists thoroughly analyze user stories and construct highly personalized and intuitive UI/UX to increase customer engagement and loyalty.
Stay connected
Many businesses are out of sync with today’s always-connected consumers. Our team adapts your offerings to any digital channel or device, making your products accessible anytime, anywhere.
Streamline accounting
Mismanagement of accounting information can be costly for any fintech company. iTechArt developers fine-tune your accounting management process so you cut operational overhead and accelerate monthly closings — all with minimal technical support.
Fortify cybersecurity
Cyberattacks are on the rise. When we build fintech software, we adhere to global standards and regulations including ISO 20022, SWIFT, PCI DSS, GDPR, and PSD2. That way, we safeguard your infrastructure, data, and assets. When issues arise, we resolve them quickly and at scale.

Capitalize on emerging technologies

It’s not enough to improve so your company is better than it was before — in today’s business landscape, you need to capitalize on financial software that integrates the latest technologies in order to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition. iTechArt’s expertise gives you that extra advantage.

Cloud technology
Cloud infrastructure benefits financial services because it reduces costs, provides better and more integrated security, and improves scalability and flexibility.
Blockchain protects against fraud, eliminates unnecessary third parties from transactions, and enables trusted data exchange.
Artificial intelligence
Companies leverage AI to build chatbots that enhance the customer experience, extract complex information from documents, and support analytics that offer deep insights into risks and opportunities.
Big data
The banking and insurance industries generate huge amounts of transaction-based data that’s ideal for automation. When your financial software combines big data with automation, your operations become far more efficient: You can simultaneously expand your customer base and manage risk.

At the forefront of fintech

Turning signals into strategy
Given how dramatically markets fluctuate, we build software that recognizes patterns and signals. Those advanced analytics help our clients zero in on the best strategy and pivot as market conditions change.
Fintech software solutions must withstand any number of attacks on their security, from phishing to fraud and AI fuzzing to man-in-the-middle attacks. We’re well-versed in these risks and can build safeguards for your existing infrastructure as well as breach-proof financial products.
We adjust our workflow to match the pace of yours. Same thing with tools and methodologies: You set the requirements.
Client-oriented approach
Ready, set, launch: iTechArt collaborates with promising fintech startups and incumbents that challenge traditional banking models.
Rich integration capacity
With a deep understanding of how to execute integrations across business-critical software like project management and HR, we can boost your productivity, cut costs, and accelerate time-to-market.
Commitment to results
We’ve helped leading fintech companies like Gain Capital, DealCloud, and Vestwell develop the breakthrough financial solutions that secured their positions as market leaders.

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