Digital payments: technologies and solutions

We help banks, payments providers and forward-thinking fintech companies deliver next-level payment experiences, achieving increased security, operational effectiveness, agility, and unrivaled customer service.
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What makes e-payment systems popular among users?

Research shows that nearly 3 trillion transactions, worth US$48 trillion, are expected to shift from cash to digital payments in this decade.

What’s more, according to a McKinsey survey of US consumers, more than three-quarters of Americans use some form of digital payment — browser-based and in-app online purchases, in-store checkout with a mobile phone and QR code, or person-to-person payments.

The winners in the digital payments space are not waiting for change — they are already harnessing first-mover advantage to evolve their businesses. Here are just a few benefits you and your customers can get:

Safe transactions
  • Electronic payment systems offer you multiple ways of securing your money transactions through tokenization, encryption, SSL, etc.
Simple refunds
  • Digital payment methods significantly accelerate the refund process.
Fast invoicing
  • Online payment systems transform your invoicing operations through enhanced tracking possibilities, less paperwork, and mobile accessibility.
No extra costs
  • With digital payments, you pay the same as you would for card transactions. Various packages cater to businesses of all sizes, budgets, and transaction volumes.

Our capabilities

Custom app development services
Our developers create custom software solutions that meet all your requirements as well as compliance and security standards, empowering you to successfully compete in today’s digital economy and enter new markets.
UI/UX design
iTechArt equips the design of your apps and digital wallets with hyper-engaging and easy-to-use interfaces to help you boost conversion and increase customer loyalty.
Upgrades and migration
We enable banks to upgrade and migrate their core offerings to innovative and reliable payment products that offer long-term growth and enhanced customer experience.
Payment integration services
Our certified software development specialists are experienced in integrating various payment gateways, enabling your customers to get real-time access and instant transactions through any card.

Digital payment solutions for your business

Here at iTechArt, we have the insights, skills, and capabilities to offer you cutting-edge digital payment services ranging from credit card payment processing to digital wallets — bringing you new brand value and increased profits all along the payments value chain.
Online payment systems
Make payments online from any device anywhere in the world with the help of customer-centric, compliant, and fully secure online payment software solutions.
Payment gateway development
Implement industry-leading payment gateways into custom mobile applications and online shopping carts to achieve a whole new level of operational efficiency.
Recurring billing software
Integrate a special billing software module to deliver a seamless recurring billing experience for your customers, while maximizing effectiveness and operating-model agility.
POS systems
Speed up the checkout, integrate loyalty programs, and create data-rich customer profiles with new-gen POS systems
EMS software solutions
Set up an EMS platform to store all payments in one place and have access to on-site mobile payment acceptance, email invoicing, and recurring payment features.
Fraud detection software
Make sure your custom payment solution is empowered by anti-fraud systems for EMV, swipe, and card-not-present convenient payments.

How we shape the future of payments

At iTechArt, we care not only about what latest and greatest technologies we use, but also about how they can be used to completely redefine your unique business.


Artificial intelligence allows for next-generation fraud monitoring and AML, while delivering hyper-personalization, higher approval rates, fewer declined transactions, and proactive credit limit management.

Computer vision

The implementation of machine vision and facial recognition reduces the KYC process to minutes instead of hours, helping banks attract more customers and utilize the resources saved to perform other mission-critical tasks.


IoT helps banks and fintech companies drive innovation through the use of NFC chips, sensors, tracking devices, etc., safely exchanging information with nearby systems and processing contactless payments on demand.


Blockchain technology could facilitate faster payments at lower fees than banks, providing trusted real-time verification of transactions without the need for any intermediaries.

Your security. Our priority.

Data security is among the top challenges banks and payments providers face today, because one smallest vulnerability can compromise your system security which consumers care about deeply. We use only the proven techniques and industry best practices to help you introduce secure payments and help you avoid fraud.

Software security testing
Fraud prevention tools
Dynamic integrity
Code signing

Driving the future of payments with Stripe

As a preferred partner of Stripe — a global leader in online payment technology with millions of users around the world, iTechArt is always here to integrate its API into your existing solution, helping you accept digital payments, send payouts, and seamlessly manage the businesses online.

From transaction to transformation with iTechArt

First-class team

  • 3500+ seasoned engineers
  • Experience in all major payment technologies
  • Vast expertise in ML, AI, big data, blockchain, and IoT
  • 80% of engineers are senior-level pros

Rich fintech expertise

  • 100+ fintech projects successfully executed
  • $1.5B in funding raised by our fintech clients
  • An extensive portfolio of fintech solutions ranging from trading signals to digital wallets

Client-first approach

  • 500+ clients have chosen to work with us
  • We offer unique solutions that fit your specific business needs
  • 2 weeks from intro call to kick-off

Technologies we use to build world-class payment solutions

Whatever the size or complexity of your AI app, our team has the expertise to deliver.



  • NumPy
  • Scikit-Learn
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch


    • OpenCV
    • Rasa
    • Azure Cognitive
    • AWS SageMake


      • Google Cloud AutoML
      • ML Kit
      • NVIDIA Jetson
      • MLflow

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