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The rise of mobile wallets and why your business needs them

As payments are becoming increasingly cashless, multiple forward-thinking businesses have adopted digital wallets — systems that securely store users' payment information and passwords, allowing customers to pay for purchases with their smartphones.

One in every five Americans use at least one mobile wallet — and the adoption rates will only continue their inexorable rise, with estimates indicating that over half of the world’s population will have a mobile wallet by 2023. How you act on this trend now will shape your company’s future.

Backed by 20 years’ fintech expertise, we bring together unrivaled consulting, strategy, and engineering experience to help you build a cutting-edge solution, putting your business on the leading edge amidst evolution and revolution in the payments industry.

Our mobile wallet services

Any number of software solutions can make it easier for consumers to tap and pay.
Custom mobile wallet app development
We develop robust tailor-made apps from scratch to cater to your unique needs for whichever mobile device, platform, and market you desire.
Mobile wallet integration
Our skilled engineers can integrate a range of market-leading mobile wallet providers to your existing platform while ensuring its stability and high performance.
Cryptocurrency integration
We integrate cryptocurrency payment gateways, allowing businesses to send, receive, and convert cryptocurrency payments online securely and swiftly.
Bug fixing and security enhancement
We follow industry-proven security protocols and compliances such as PCI DSS to mitigate fraud attempts and ensure the safety of your customer data, including debit/credit card information.
Support and maintenance
Our team performs audits and maintenance checks to ensure your solution runs smoothly at all times.

We build mobile wallet apps for any business need


Akin to a checkings bank account
Allows for cash withdrawals and transactions
Enables in-store and online purchases and payments


No cash withdrawals
Users can transfer money to bank accounts
Payments require a partnership with the business


Tethered to a specific business
Funds can only be expended on said business
No transfer between other wallets or accounts

Top use cases of mobile wallet


For fintech companies willing to compete in today’s digital economy, mobile wallets have become imperative to success. They are easy to use, resilient to fraud and offer payment providers better control over the system and the valuable data it generates.


A mobile wallet enables easy payment integration within your retail app and enhances customer retention through loyalty programs, and feeds you data to be used in actionable insights such as personalized offers.

Transportation and logistics

Mobile wallets are the next step in making travelers’ journeys fully paperless. Whether in taxi booking, car sharing, or flight tickets, contactless cards are faster and more convenient for all parties involved.

Food and grocery

In addition to the standard conveniences of cashless payment for groceries in the store, mobile wallet apps enable online food purchases in just a few clicks right from home with the same benefits of an e-commerce business.

Features that fit into your pocket

Be it big data, machine learning, or, IoT, mobile wallets take advantage of a plethora of other cutting-edge technologies to help you deliver next-gen payment experiences. Here are some of the features we equip mobile wallets with:

NFC tags

The backbone of mobile wallet applications, Near-Field Communications tech allows smartphones and other mobile devices to act like contactless payment devices after their debit/credit cards are stored in their mobile wallet.

POS payments

A complement of NFC, the point-of-sale functionality transforms smart devices into terminals able to accept any payment forms from your customers’ mobile wallets.

QR code reader

QR codes act as an additional layer of security that doesn’t involve typing additional codes from authenticators or 3D-secure applications during purchase checkout, greatly improving conversion rates.

Chatbot support

With the latest advancements in AI, chatbots have become an invaluable tool to help customers solve issues in real-time, in-app, without overburdening your support operators.

CRM systems

CRM solutions can be integrated into mobile wallet applications to allow your teams to manage marketing campaigns, personalize offers, and inform customers about company-related news.

Real-time analytics

Mobile wallets are an incredibly valuable source of data big and small, helping you identify actionable insights as well as a real-time feed of how your customers are behaving at any given time.

Wearables integrations

Digital wallets aren’t limited to smartphones. With the right app, wearables like smartwatches, wristbands, and other mobile devices work perfectly for secure cashless payments.

Comprehensive protection for the most critical data and processes

We continuously improve security across people, processes, and technology to transform your cybersecurity strategy.

Industry regulations & compliance
We abide by fintech best practices in respecting local regulations and compliances no matter which markets our clients operate in.
Fraud risk protection
Our engineers leverage top-level security protocols and multi-factor authentication features to help you take action to monitor, protect, and mitigate any issues coming your way.
User data security
We follow strict safety guidelines to protect and monitor your most sensitive data, wherever it resides.
We offer robust data encryption to help you secure data in any state, address compliance, and centralize access control.

Why iTechArt

Win-win partnership

  • Dedicated specialists handpicked to match your needs
  • Flexible projects scopes and cooperating models
  • Solutions for any platform

Uninterrupted speed

  • 2 weeks from contract to kick-off
  • The industry’s lowest attrition rate — 5.6%
  • 30% less time to market

A proven track record

  • 200+ fintech projects successfully executed
  • 19% of developer resources dedicated to fintech
  • $1.5B in funding raised by fintech clients

Technologies we use
to build world-class payment solutions

Whatever the size or complexity of your AI app, our team has the expertise to deliver.

  • NumPy
  • Scikit-Learn
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch
  • OpenCV
  • Rasa
  • Azure Cognitive
  • AWS SageMake
  • Google Cloud AutoML
  • ML Kit
  • NVIDIA Jetson
  • MLflow

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