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Real estate is the world’s largest asset class, and the entire industry is ripe for a digital overhaul. Indeed, “proptech” promises to transform the entire sector, leveraging lessons learned as fintech advances. Deploying technology strategically, optimizing automation, and applying data science and AI and ML are key to that evolution.

iTechArt’s fintech experts build mortgage and property management platforms and products that make every aspect of commercial, residential, and industrial real estate transactions and management more profitable. With iTechArt experts by your side, you can rest assured that your fintech solutions drive automation and efficiency, help keep you competitive, and fuel increased profits.

Mortgage applications and process automation

The mortgage application process can be streamlined through automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, resulting in greater efficiencies and a better customer experience.

Credit analysis solutions

A robust fintech platform can help lenders assess an applicant’s ability to repay their mortgage based on data rather than credit scores. In addition to providing better information for decision-making, a well-designed platform can speed up the flow of information, resulting in an improved customer experience.

Sales analysis and comparisons

Monitor the success of your products and your sales by integrating a fintech solution into your CRM. Moreover, get the data and analytics you need to evaluate where you stand compared to your competition.
Tech consulting for real estate
Quick: Build or buy? The software lifecycle presents no shortage of high-level decisions, everything from vendor selection to architecture assessments. Our advisory services take the guesswork out of building fintech products that are nimble, secure, and future-proof. The first step to getting your financial technology questions answered? Asking our experts.

Digital document management

When you can digitize and store documents such as those related to mortgage loans and property management, you’re better positioned for automation and sophisticated data analytics; decision-making is faster and more efficient.
As digital marketplaces become the norm, iTechArt can help clients build platforms that seamlessly connect brokers, property managers, realtors, and customers, making transactions and paperwork far more efficient.

Market research

Many data points affect real estate that go beyond the structure itself: proximity to schools, transportation, and shopping and entertainment hubs; employment opportunities; walking scores; neighborhood comps; economic indicators... the list goes on and on.
Fold in the demand for research that goes into mortgage underwriting and you have an incredibly complicated data set that demands robust analytics, products, and platforms to meet diverse needs.

Real estate FAQs

What differentiates iTechArt’s approach to the real estate and mortgage sector?

Infusing the real estate industry with fintech to create proptech demands a deep understanding of how all of the pieces fit together. That overall context drives our deep dive into your business model – the first chapter in our process that allows our senior developers to join forces with your engineers and data scientists efficiently.

No matter if you’re building a digital mortgage platform, aiming for process automation for property management, or envisioning an analytics solution that monitors your investments, we pair that big picture understanding with the technical expertise to build products that keep you ahead of the competition.

How do you handle security given that customer data is often key to fintech in real estate?

We have an entire team dedicated to software security; from the get-go, discussions about your product will include strategies to keep data safe. As is the case with all of iTechArt’s custom software solutions, the security of all data points informs the entire design and build process. Also, the testing phase of our products is rigorous so we identify and eliminate weaknesses long before launch.

What technology have you used building fintech real estate solutions?

The needs of your product drive technology selection. We have worked with the vast majority of languages and products from AWS products such as Amplify, Cognito, Lamda, and SDK, as well as open source Apache.

Thus far the tech stacks of our real estate solutions have also included Blueprint, Cypress, Feign Http Client, Java, Jest, PostgreSQL, Python, React, React Testing Library, REST, Redux, Redux Toolkit, SOAP, Spring MVC, Spring core, Spring Boot, Spring Security, and Spring JDBC template.

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