iTechArt helps healthcare organizations and medical software vendors achieve better care while improving management and reducing costs.

We cure your headaches

Our healthcare software development services cover every aspect of a practice, whether diagnostics, patient care or administration:

  • Medical practice management (PMS) and laboratory management systems (LIMS)
  • EHR/EMR software
  • Health insurance and medical billing software
  • Health portals
  • mHealth
  • Internet of medical things
  • Big data analytics
  • VR and AR applications

How we do it

When it comes to medical software, we go beyond the lines of code to grasp the user needs and come up with a value-based solution. Check out our rules of thumb in healthcare application development:

Understanding the user. UX is holy. Be it doctors or patients, we get to the bottom of every stakeholder’s needs and tailor the UX to how they think and behave.

Choosing the right technology. We carefully choose our stack so that we can deal with any challenge of medical software development, whether complex functionality or enormous volumes of health data.

Integrating smoothly. We make sure that health data flows easily and securely across the systems and devices.

We are serious about HIPAA

To ensure HIPAA-compliant software development, we take on the responsibility of protecting PHI at all times, using the latest tools for data encryption, regular backups and unauthorized access prevention.

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Agility Health
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